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The 14 Most Important Tips for Small Business Event Planning

May, 20 2017

Event Management10831496061919.jpg
Contrary to popular belief, successful events don’t just happen as a matter of chance.  Instead, it’s a case of intensively planning, implementing and managing every key element, bringing it all together to create something outstanding.  It may be important to study event planning...

Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer

May, 17 2017

Millions dream of breaking into the fashion design industry, but only a select few are destined to make it. What makes the difference? It’s simple really – grit, determination and making all the right moves along the way. It’s natural to assume that those working at the highest levels...

10 Long-Standing Myths About Distance Learning

Mar, 13 2017

To say that opinions on distance learning programs vary somewhat would be an understatement to say the least.  The fact that the quality of online learning has evolved so quickly over recent years has made it inevitable that many are entirely out of date with their presumptions.  Which is...

How to work in Marketing

May, 18 2016

Are you creative and results-driven? Do you consider yourself to be naturally persuasive and a strong communicator? Do you have a knack for selling and a strong understanding of the way the consumer public thinks? If so, you could be cut out for an extraordinary career in marketing! What Do Marketers...

How to work in Health and Safety

Aug, 19 2016

Do you consider yourself to be sensible, proactive and level-headed? Do you have a knack for identifying risks? Are you analytical, physically fit and able to remain cool and calm in times of crisis? If so, a career in health and safety could be perfect for you! What Do Health and Safety Officers...

How to work in Psychology

Oct, 26 2016

How to work in Psychology11281480329333.jpg
Do you consider yourself to be a good listener? Does human behaviour in general fascinate you? Would you like to dedicate your career to helping others overcome problems and reach their full potential? If so, you could be cut out for a rewarding career in psychology! What Do Child Psychologists...

How to Become a Wedding Planner

Apr, 12 2016

How to become a Wedding Planner16041479984732.jpg
Do you simply adore weddings? Are you never happier than when watching a happy couple tie knot on the most perfect day of their lives? Would you like to dedicate your career to making even the wildest dreams come true? If so, chances are you’ll go far as a professional wedding planner! What...

How to work in Beauty Therapy

Aug, 15 2016

How to work in Beauty Therapy13131479984207.jpg
Interested in a job dedicated to making people look good and feel great? Looking for an opportunity to turn your interests into a rewarding career? If so, you could find yourself right at home in the beauty therapy industry! What Do Beauty Therapists Do? Beauty therapists – often referred...

How to Become a Manager

Oct, 21 2016

How to become a manager14961479982896.jpg
Would you rather be a leader than a follower? Do you consider yourself to have the qualities of a born leader? Does the prospect of running or even owning a business from a leadership position appeal to you? If so, you could well be cut out for a career in management! What Do Managers Do? Managers...

How to Work in Islamic Banking

Oct, 02 2016

How to work in Islamic Banking12041479981867.jpg
Do you have a knack for numbers and a flair for finance? Would you like to work in one of the fastest-growing financial sectors in the world? Interested in working at home and overseas? If yes, the Islamic banking sector could hold the key to the career of your dreams! What Do Islamic Bankers Do? In...

How to Work in Business Management

Mar, 18 2016

Business Management1951479897376.jpg
Do you have the relentless desire to climb the corporate ladder? Do you dream of a high-flying career as a business manager, executive or even company director? Interested in taking that first important step toward your future success today? If so, a high-quality business course could be right up your...

How to Work in Customer Services

May, 10 2016

Customer services works4231479896697.jpg
Love working with members of the public? Committed to the highest possible standards? Interested in a career that could take you places in almost any industry or sector? If yes, you could be a prime candidate for a career in customer service! What is Customer Service? Customer service represents...

How to become HR Professional

Sep, 18 2016

Human Resources Management3481479729343.jpg
Do you have a genuine passion for people? Would you like to dedicate your career to helping others reach their full potential? Are you a natural ‘people person’ with excellent communication skills and a hard-working attitude? If so, you could be the perfect candidate for a rewarding career...

How to Work in Travel and Tourism

Sep, 12 2016

Travel and Tousim11621479724601.jpg
Are you passionate about people and hooked on holidays? Does the idea of travelling for a living sound like a dream come true? Would you like the opportunity to spread your wings and fly with an overseas career? If so, the travel and tourism industry could be right up your street! What do Travel...

How to Become a Supply Chain Manager

Jan, 16 2016

Supply Chain and Logisitics16001479294114.jpg
Do you consider yourself to be innovative, logical and a critical thinker at all times? Do you thrive in the face of challenges and delight in meeting deadlines? Would you like to secure a career in a rewarding, rock-solid and highly-diverse industry area? If so, a career in supply chain and logistics...

How to Become An Accountant

Aug, 06 2016

Do you have a natural flair for numbers? Do you know your way around spreadsheets, charts and complex financial data? Are you nothing short of a connoisseur of the calculator? If yes, you could be a prime candidate for an outstanding career in accounting and finance! What Do Accountants Do? The...

How to Become a Forensic Accountant

Nov, 16 2016

Forensic Accountant3411479292850.jpg
Do you have outstanding numeracy skills and flawless attention to detail? Are you naturally inquisitive and unable to quit, regardless of the challenge? Are you interested in a career committed to detecting and preventing financial fraud? If so, you could be a prime candidate for a career in forensic...

How to Become a Construction Manager

Mar, 22 2016

Construction Manager3071479300043.jpg
Do you dream of a career where incredible rewards and long-term job security come as standard? Do you have creative vision, total commitment and the strongest leadership qualities? Do you like the idea of contributing to the construction of impressive buildings, both at home and internationally? If...

How to Start a Career in PR

Oct, 22 2016

Do you consider yourself to be an influential person?  Do you understand the power and importance of reputation to a business? Do you have the confidence to take on even the most demanding challenges?  If yes, there’s every chance you could be the next PR guru to take the industry by...

How to Become an Interior Designer

Oct, 19 2016

Interested in a career where bringing the truly fabulous to life is the everyday norm? If you get a kick from creativity and have a real passion for people, a career as an interior designer could be right up your street! What do Interior Designers Do? Interior designers are responsible for...

How to Become an Event Planner

Oct, 20 2016

Success in event management means having a confident, outgoing and ambitious personality. It’s a role that demands supreme attention to detail, plenty of creative vision and the drive to realise the impossible on a daily basis. If you’re meticulously-minded and enjoy social gatherings,...

How to Become a Hotel Manager

Oct, 08 2016

Does taking care of other people bring you a genuine sense of joy? Are your standards meticulously high? Are your interpersonal and organisational skills as close as possible to flawless? If so, hotel management could be the rewarding career you’ve always dreamed of! What do Hotel Managers...

How to Become a Fashion Designer

Oct, 04 2016

Does your career feel dangerously out of season?  Are you dreaming of a job the perfectly suits your passion, your lifestyle and your creativity?  Obsessed with clothes and the latest trends?  Tick one or more of these boxes and a career as a fashion designer could be right up your street! What...

How to Become a Dietitian

Sep, 24 2016

How to Become a Dietitian Do you have an obsession with food and nutrition?  Interested in a career where improving people’s health is the everyday norm?  If you haven’t already considered becoming a dietitian, now may be the perfect time to do so! What do Dietitians...

How to Become a Project Manager?

Sep, 22 2016

Success in project management demands obsessive attention to detail, flawless self-management skills and the refusal to back down when faced with even the biggest challenges. For those who make the grade, careers in project management can be incredibly rewarding.  What do Project Managers...