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Teaching Assistant Courses

Sign up for any of our exclusive teaching assistant courses online and benefit from complete tutor support from start to finish.  Brentwood Open Learning College is proud to offer an extensive collection of teaching assistant training courses, open to ambitious candidates worldwide with no entry criteria to fulfil.

Teaching Assistant Courses Online

Discover a new standard in flexible teacher assistant certification online, brought to you by the UK’s leading distance learning college. Enrol online, or contact a member of our admissions team anytime for more information.

What Do Teaching Assistants Do?

Teaching assistants support teachers, pupils and schools in general by providing an extensive range of important services.  Considered the backbone of the modern educational institution by many, teaching assistants are no less than the glue that holds the classroom together.

Typical duties and responsibilities vary from one school and position to the next, but will usually include most of the following:

  • Preparing classrooms and workshops for lessons

  • Reading to children and listening to them read

  • Providing support with basic literacy and numeracy skills

  • Offering additional support for children who struggle

  • Working with teachers to plan lessons and activities

  • Supervising group activities indoors and outdoors

  • Overseeing the health and safety of every pupil

  • Monitoring the progress and development of pupils

  • Organizing and taking part in parents’ evenings

  • Helping teachers manage appropriate classroom behaviour

  • Covering a broad range of administrative tasks

In essence, a teaching assistant may be called upon to handle anything that doesn’t require the direct input or supervision of a teacher, or any senior figure within the school.  More experienced teaching assistants may also be required to lead or supervise classes independently from time to time.

Some teaching assistants focus on one specific support area, such as assisting children with special needs or helping with sporting/athletic events.  By contrast, others offer a more dynamic range of support services covering all everyday requirements.

Why Study to Become a Teaching Assistant?

By building the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to become a successful teaching assistant, you’ll gain access to a diverse range of job opportunities at home and abroad.  The vast majority of schools rely on teaching assistants to support the services they provide - one school will often hire several, even dozens of teaching assistants.

For some, it’s all about the satisfaction that comes with contributing to the education and development of pupils of all ages.  For others, it’s an important steppingstone on the way to becoming a teacher.

Whatever your current position and objectives, you’ll be one big step closer to reaching them with an endorsed Teaching Assistant Award on your CV.  Check out our complete range of teaching assistant courses online, or contact the admissions team at Brentwood Open Learning College if you have any questions.

Enrolment is open 365 days a year, making now the perfect time to get started.

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