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How to Become an Environmental Manager

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Do you have a passion for environmental issues?  Interested in a career dedicated to changing the world for the better?  A career with limitless promotion prospects and incredible opportunities worldwide?  If yes, a career in environmental management could be perfect for you!

What is Environmental Management?

A relatively broad field, environmental management focuses primarily on controlling, monitoring and minimising the negative effects human society has on the environment.  Many of those who work in environmental management work directly with specific businesses and industries, helping improve their eco-friendliness and making positive environmental contributions.  Others work for renewable energy agencies, government offices, major technology developers and so on.  In a sense, any job that focuses on environmental preservation and human impact minimisation qualifies as environmental management.  The most severe environmental issues in human history have made environmental management an increasingly important and distinguished profession worldwide

Typical duties in an environmental management setting may include:

  • Planning, developing and implementing environmental strategies
  • Creating action plans to ensure sustainable corporate development
  • Overseeing how supplies, equipment and services are procured
  • Organising and sharing meetings and consultations on eco issues
  • Monitoring corporate compliance with applicable legislation
  • Implementing beneficial public policies and practices
  • General promotion of the importance of environmental awareness
  • Intensive environmental research and analysis
  • Developing greener alternatives to existing standards

Am I Right For the Job?

In order to succeed in environmental management, you have to be committed and passionate in the extreme.  This is not a path anyone should pursue if motivated only by financial rewards and prestige.  While environmental management has the potential to be extremely lucrative, you cannot and will not get by without a vested interest in the environment.  You need to be passionate, dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes to do the right thing.

Additional skills and character traits of importance in environmental management include:

  • Superior research skills and strong attention to detail
  • The ability to present complex information in a simplified manner
  • Advanced data analysis skills
  • A calm, cool and collected persona while under pressure
  • Relentless tenacity and an unwillingness to quit
  • Energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude at all times
  • The ability to lead a team and deliver constructive feedback

Ongoing Progression

There’s an extremely wide spectrum of potential earnings for those who work in environmental management. Starting salaries range from £18,000 to £30,000, depending on experience. The median annual salary for Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) members is £38,180.  Trainees and interns may start their careers for lower salaries, while executives and directors can easily earn in excess of £100,000.

Professional Lifestyle

Few professions are more satisfying than that of the environmental manager – a career dedicated to improving the world and preserving its future.  As previously mentioned, you need to have a genuine passion for the environment and relentless commitment to the causes you believe in.  You also need to be able to work closely with other team members, managers and executives at all levels, collaborating together to achieve the kinds of results that would be impossible to replicate alone.

“I actually fell into environmental management accidentally.  My friend organised a non-paid placement for me, during which time I studied with a web college to earn a diploma. They seemed impressed with my contribution and enthusiasm so decided to keep me on permanently. I’ve honestly never looked back.  I can’t even describe how satisfying and rewarding my job is today!” – Omar Hannison, Environmental Analyst

Taking the Next Step

While it isn’t strictly necessary to earn a degree to work in environmental management, completion of targeted studies is considered mandatory.  Whether looking to join the profession for the first time or take an existing career to the next level, studying online for an accredited certificate or diploma could make all the difference.

Environmental Management Courses Online

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Certificate in Environmental Management (Level 3)

Our intermediate environmental management course is perfect for newcomers and existing members of the workforce alike.  Enhance your CV for improved employment and career promotion prospects for life.

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