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Vocational Courses

Vocational Courses List

Online Vocational Courses

Our online vocational courses are flexible which are usually assessed through a series of assessments rather than formal exams. If you are looking to gain knowledge in a particular subject area but want the course to be assessed on course work and assignments rather than exams, choose from the range of our vocational courses list . Vocational training courses list includes subjects that are related to broad employment areas such as fashion, beauty therapy, interior design, health and nutrition, wedding planning , event management, language and teaching and so on.

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Fashion Design

Courses in Fashion Designing

A fashion designer is someone who studies upcoming fashion  trends, sketches designs, selects materials,...

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Courses in Nutrition

Nutrition is basically the study of different nutrients of food. In nutrition we focus on how body is using different...

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Beauty Therapy

Courses in Beauty Therapy

Health and beauty industry is on the boom . All has become possible due to the advancement in technology. A high...

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Customer Services

Courses in Customer Services

Excellent customer service is the need of every business today. Individuals continuously want to enhance their...

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Interior Design

Courses in Interior Design

Interior design and decoration go hand in hand- the terms are used interchangeably. Turn your talent and imagination...

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Courses in Child Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of man's mind and behaviour. We need to study psychology because it gives...

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Language and Teaching

Trainer Skills Courses

Manpower services commission UK defines training as; " a planned process to modify attitude, knowledge or...

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Wedding Planning

Courses in Wedding Planning

Weddings are an integral part of human life and are always fascinating and attractive for people. People start...

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Counselling Skills

Counselling Skills

Counselling Courses Online Take the first step towards a fulfilling career in professional counselling, with...

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