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What is Management?


Do you see yourself more as a leader than a follower? Do you have the confidence to step out from the crowd and show others the way? Interested in a lucrative career with limitless potential for advancement? If so, a career in management could be perfect for you!

What is Management?

By definition, management is the act of controlling people and processes for the purpose of achieving predetermined goals and objectives.  Management involves the use of a variety of tools and resources to drive efficiency and productivity. Management acts as a guide to a group of people working together for the attainment of the common objectives. However, as management covers such a diverse range of careers and specialisms, the profession itself isn’t as easy to define. 

Human resource managers, marketing managers, business process managers, department managers, operations managers and so on – just a few examples of hundreds of positions that fall within the management bracket.  But what each and every example has in common is its leadership function. 

How to Become a Manager?

Managers take control, assume high-level responsibility and play a critically-important role in the success of their respective organisations.  While stepping into a management position for the first time may be difficult, it nonetheless represents the most satisfying and rewarding transition in any lifelong career.

How to Become a Manager that people don’t want to leave. As the field is so diverse, everyday duties vary significantly from one type of management to the next. Typical duties in a management may setting include:

  • Recruitment, deployment and supervision of staff
  • Overseeing the health and safety of the workforce
  • Ensuring daily and ongoing targets are met
  • Providing oversight and direction to employees
  • Coaching, mentoring and developing staff for career advancement
  • Planning staffing levels and creating shift schedules
  • Fostering a strong and proactive workplace culture at all times
  • Championing continuous improvement of key business operations
  • Liaising with senior stakeholders and company managers
  • Managing budgets, accounts and financial responsibilities in general
  • Planning and allocating resources efficiently
  • Making key decisions that affect the entire organization

Am I Right For the Job?

To succeed in management, a combination of hard and soft skills must be mastered at the highest level.  A competent manager must understand and be able to perform every key business process in their area of specialism, while at the same time serving as a responsible and inspirational leader.  Capable managers successfully control teams and resources – outstanding managers lead by example and inspire others to follow.  As a rule of thumb, the higher you progress up the management ladder, the more hands-off the nature of your job becomes.  Nevertheless, climbing the ranks as a manager means taking on more and more responsibility, while at the same time being responsible for managing your own workload, schedule, targets and so on.

Key skills and character traits of importance in management include:

  • Outstanding delegation and people management skills
  • The ability to manage your own workload
  • An interest in working in a corporate environment
  • Strong self-organisation and time management skills
  • A calm, cool and collected persona while under pressure
  • Relentless tenacity and an unwillingness to quit

Ongoing Progression

Management salaries vary enormously from one specialist field and level to the next.  For example, a department manager within a retail unit or hotel may be looking at £18,000 as a starting salary, while more senior managers may earn £50,000 or more.  In the case of larger offices and organisations, general managers and executives often earn £100,000 or more.  Potential earnings in the field of management are both varied and limitless.

Professional Lifestyle

Those who step into management positions naturally take on significant responsibility.  Managers are relied on by both senior stakeholders and members of the workforce at every level to provide leadership and direction at all times.  They are charged with the responsibility of getting the most out of the workforce, optimising daily processes and ensuring that the business reaches its primary goals and objectives.  When things go wrong, it is ultimately the managers that are held responsible.  Nevertheless, management can also be a uniquely rewarding and fulfilling field, where each and every day brings new and interesting challenges.

“I suppose my progression to management was pretty typical.  I started as a team member, moved up to team leader and was quickly picked out for a management spot.  I absolutely love it.  Contributing to the success of the business and nurturing the development of my team members gives me such satisfaction. It’s great to know that what I do makes a real difference.”– Andy Lightfoot, Deputy Manager

Taking the Next Step

While no specific qualifications are required to work in management, targeted management studies can make career progression fast and simpler.  The vast majority of organisations also view experience as a key metric when determining who to select for management opportunities.  If you have the personal character traits to succeed as an influential and capable leader, a quality distance learning programme could make all the difference.

Online Management Courses at Brentwood Open Learning College

Brentwood Open Learning College is proud to offer an extensive collection of online study opportunities, open to ambitious candidates worldwide.  Study online for a fully-endorsed management certificate or diploma, with the potential to turbocharge your career prospects for life.

Diploma in Human Resource Management (Level 4)

Discover what it takes to become a successful HR manager or executive with our highest-level diploma.

Certificate in Business Management (Level 3)

Explore the incredible world of business management and take a step closer to the fulfilling career you know you’re capable of.

International Diploma in Project Management (Level 4)

Our exclusive International Diploma in Project Management is perfect for the most ambitious candidates, looking to climb the career ladder to the very top.

Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Level 4)

Learn how to plan, oversee and optimise complex logistics and supply chain strategies with this insightful Level 4 Diploma.

Diploma in Risk Management (Level 4)

Study the risk management profession at the highest level and enjoy enhanced career prospects for life.

Certificate in Business Process Management (Level 3)

Discover how effective and efficient business process management can transform the performance and position of any business.

Certificate in Performance Management (Level 3)

Learn how to optimise the performance of every employee with this inspiring Level 3 Certificate in Performance Management.

Diploma in Management (Level 4)

Find out what separates good managers from truly outstanding leaders and pursue your dream career in the management setting of your choosing.

Certificate in Crisis Management (Level 3)

Study the secrets to staying calm and taking full control in times of crisis, becoming an invaluable business asset in the process.

For more information about our Management certificate/diploma courses and Free Management Courses, get in touch with the Brentwood Open Learning College admissions team today.