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Life Coaching

Life Coaching Courses Online

Brentwood Open Learning College is proud to offer an exclusive range of endorsed life coaching courses online.  Transform your passion for people into a rewarding career for life, with our flexible life coaching certification programs.

With no deadlines or time restrictions imposed, you’re free to study at a pace and time that suit your lifestyle. Earn as you learn - no need to quit your current job to study with BOLC.  Discover a new standard in affordable life coaching certification - enrol online with Brentwood Open Learning College today.

Why Study Life Coaching?

To study for an endorsed life coaching certificate is to equip yourself with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to help others improve their lives.  All over the world, clients from all backgrounds consult with life coaches for help in private and professional matters alike.  For some, the goal is to climb the career ladder and gain more job satisfaction.  For others, it’s all about extracting more enjoyment from life in general.

There is no greater gift you can give than the support needed to help others become the best possible versions of themselves.  As a life coach, this is precisely what you’ll spend your career doing, every single day.

Most importantly, the skillset and qualities needed to become a successful life coach will also help you achieve more in your private and professional life.  Life coaches are the facilitators that open the doors to bigger and better things. 

Whether the dream is to join an established agency or set up your own practice from scratch, you’ll be one step closer to making it happen with an endorsed life coaching award on your CV.

What Does a Life Coach Do?

Some life coaches specialise in one specific area of coaching, while others offer a much broader range of services.  In all instances, however, the life coach will support clients in the following ways:

  • Helping the client assess and acknowledge their current position, while establishing where they want to be in the future
  • Creating roadmaps for the achievement of goals and objectives, which may also be established during the coaching sessions
  • Developing action plans to help clients continuously strive for improvement on a day to day basis
  • Identify obstacles and barriers standing in the client’s way, before discussing viable measures to overcome or eliminate them
  • Discussing fears and past setbacks with clients, which may be standing in the way of their success and general contentment
  • Providing help support with relationship issues and barriers - both in professional and private capacities
  • Ensuring every client understands that they have it within themselves to achieve their every ambition and make their dreams come true

Contrary to popular belief, life coaching isn’t about providing easy answers, or even direct instructions.  Instead, it’s about empowering the clients you work with to answer their own questions, solve their own problems and achieve their objectives.

Online Courses in Life Coaching

Every life coaching course from Brentwood Open Learning College comes complete with all learning materials and study aids included in the course fee.  In addition, your personally assigned tutor will provide all the support you need to successfully complete the course.

We exclusively offer 100% endorsed life coaching courses online, prioritising flexibility and accessibility for the benefit of our students.  Enjoy the freedom to study from any location at a pace that suits you, for the chance to boost your CV with affordable life coaching certification.

Enrol online, or contact the admissions team at Brentwood Open Learning College today for more information.

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