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How to Become a Hotel Manager


Want to know How to Become a Hotel Manager?

Generally the prerequisites to become a Hotel Manager are: excellent communication and organizational skills. 

Does taking care of other people bring you a genuine sense of joy? Are your standards meticulously high? Are your interpersonal and organisational skills as close as possible to flawless? If so, hotel management could be the rewarding career you’ve always dreamed of!

What do Hotel Managers Do?

Hotels are comprised of multiple inter-connected departments, usually staffed by dedicated teams and with the combined goal of delivering an outstanding experience for guests. Quite simply, it is the responsibility of the hotel manager to ensure that all of the pieces come together perfectly.

But so much more than this, hotel managers also play a direct role in everything else – promotion, marketing, sales, budgeting, accounts, recruitment and so on. Specific duties vary in accordance with the size and type of establishment the manager works in, though may typically include:

  •  Involvement in staff recruitment, deployment and training
  • Controlling hotel budgets and overseeing accounts
  • Management of maintenance and refurbishment issues
  • Maximising revenues and controlling costs
  •  Devising marketing strategies and promotions
  • Advanced customer service management and complaint handling

Am I right For the Hotel Manager Job?

The two most important qualities for success in hotel management are strong leadership and team-working skills. With such a wide and varied team to oversee, it is crucial to operate as an inspiring leader, rather than a dictator of orders. If you cannot motivate your staff and remain comprehensively personable at all times, it is unlikely you will succeed. And of course, you need to be a firm believer that ‘the customer is always right’ – even in instances when it’s clearly obvious this isn’t the case!

Just a few of the skills and character traits required to succeed as a hotel managerinclude:

  •  Flawless communication and interpersonal skills
  • Extensive self-confidence and strong assertiveness
  • Solid practical and problem-solving skills
  • The ability to remain calm and composed in times of crisis
  • Advanced delegation and supervisory skills
  • A passion for people and impeccable customer service skills

Ongoing Progression

Most hotel managers are promoted from within – duty managers initially starting around the £18,000 mark. Departmental managers may earn in the region of £25,000, hotel deputy managers £40,000+ and hotel general managers anywhere from £50,000 to £150,000+.

Professional Lifestyle

Hotel managers are often required to work outside normal office hours, given the fact that hotels continue to operate 24/7. Evenings, weekends and bank holidays may be the norm, but are compensated for by highly flexible working hours and competitive annual leave. A manager may spend much of their working life behind the scenes or right there on the front-line dealing with guests directly – it all depends on the establishment.

“I started out working in restaurants and moved on to hotel management after being promoted. I always got real kick out of looking after guests in the restaurant – working in a hotel lets me do the same but at a much higher level. It’s not just the job I love – it’s also how fast you can climb the ladder into senior positions, if you’re willing to put in the work.”– Neil Forrester, Front Desk Manager

Taking the Next Step

While most hotel managers are promoted from within, working your way up becomes significantly easier with the right qualifications. Along with a strong and specific set of character traits, it’s crucially important to understand the business side of hotel management and how the industry works in general.

Hotel Management Qualifications

Here at Brentwood Open Learning College, we offer only the highest quality online hotel courses, designed specifically for distance learning:

Diploma in Hotel Management (Level 4)

Study hotel management at the highest level with our Level 4 Diploma and begin writing your own success story today.

Certificate in Hotel Management (Level 3)

For an intermediate exploration of the industry, our Level 3 Certificate in Hotel Management covers a variety of key concepts and issues.

Foundation Hotel Management Course (Level 1)

We also offer an introductory Level 1 Hotel Management Course – ideal for those looking to begin working toward higher-level qualifications.

For more information about our Hotel Management certificate/diploma courses and Free Hotel Management Courses, get in touch with the Brentwood Open Learning College admissions team today.