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Project Management Qualifications


Project Management Qualifications

Whether starting from scratch or already working in the field, obtaining recognised project management qualifications can be enormously beneficial. 

These days, studying for project management qualifications doesn’t have to be particularly time-consuming or expensive. With the option of distance learning, anyone looking to improve their career prospects now has access to a whole world of online education.

Still, it’s natural to question whether or not taking a project management course is the right decision for you. So for those with questions to ask on the subject of project management in general, the following guide could prove insightful.

What is Project Management? 

Addressing the most important issue first of all, project management is defined as the application of a structured approach to any given project or requirement.  It is typically the responsibility of the project manager to use their skills, knowledge and experience to formulate and oversee the project and its implementation framework.

As every project spanning every organisation will always be fundamentally different, project management is an incredibly broad and dynamic profession.  In most instances, project managers work as part of wider project management teams – particularly when tackling larger and more complex projects.

Worldwide, public and private-sector organisations of all sizes credit competent project management with their ongoing profitability and success.  As such, to develop the confidence and competencies to work in high level project management is to enjoy limitless career prospects.

All of which begins by obtaining the relevant project management qualifications.

Why Study for Project Management Qualifications?

Both for existing and prospective project managers alike, studying project management at an advanced level can be highly beneficial.  Just a few examples of the benefits of studying for project management qualifications are as follows:

  • Development of the knowledge, skills and confidence required to more successfully and efficiently manage projects and programmes.
  • Demonstrate to employers your commitment to continuous personal development and desire to succeed in project management at an advanced level.
  • Significantly expand and improve your ongoing career prospects, with an accredited qualification in project management.
  • Put the skills and knowledge you acquire along the way to practical use in almost any professional setting.
  • Explore the option of continuing on to the highest-level project management studies, working towards senior management or even executive positions.

Whatever your ongoing career objectives, an investment in quality project management studies is guaranteed to pay dividends along the way.

How Project Management Qualifications Benefit the Organisation

From the perspective of the employer, there are also countless benefits that accompany high-level project management studies.  Examples of which include:

  • The opportunity to capitalise on the advanced skills and knowledge of capable and qualified project managers, championing optimal performance and efficient project completion.
  • Inclusion of qualified project managers in the training and development of other members of the workforce.
  • Significantly reduced requirement for supervision from senior managers and stakeholders, allowing project managers to take greater responsibility.
  • Continuous input and recommendations from experienced and qualified project managers, to help steer every project in the most profitable direction.
  • Overall improvements to the credibility and authority of the organisation, both to its existing clients and potential customers.
  • Project managers provided with high-quality training and development opportunities by the organisation are more likely to demonstrate long-term loyalty and commitment to the company.

On both sides of the equation therefore, studying for Project Management Qualifications can be enormously beneficial.

Why Study Project Management with BOLC?

Here at Brentwood Open Learning College, our complete catalogue of online study programs includes several exclusive project management courses.  We specialise in the provision of accessible, affordable and enjoyable distance learning opportunities for ambitious candidates worldwide.

Study with BOLC and gain access to a series of attractive benefits including:

  • No deadlines, time restrictions or exams
  • All course materials provided as standard
  • The opportunity to earn an accredited certificate or diploma
  • Personally-assigned tutor support for every candidate
  • Premium study programs at the lowest prices
  • Study online from anywhere in the world
  • Enrolment open 365 days a year

Our Free certificate courses are online study programs. This means that you are able to study your Free Project Management course from home. 

Whether ready to enrol or simply exploring the available options, we’d be delighted to hear from you.  Contact a member of the Brentwood Open Learning College student support team today for an obligation-free consultation.