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Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does distance learning work at BOLC?

Distance learning allows participants to study at their convenience, free from the requirement to attend scheduled classes. Hence this type of learning can be easily combined with work and family commitments. Upon enrolling, candidates gain access to our exclusive Learning Management System, which serves as the central hub for their studies.

All course materials are provided as standard and can be downloaded or printed, which in turn allows candidates to study offline as well as online. Assessments can be submitted conveniently at any time through email. Your tutor marks the assignments and sends you your result and professional feedback. Each time you complete a course module, course content for the following module will be provided.

There are no deadlines for submitting assignments and no time restrictions whatsoever. You are free to complete your course as quickly or gradually as you like! The great thing about distance learning is that you complete your course in the comfort of your own home and easily make your education work alongside your existing schedule.

Do I have to attend any classes?

No - all of our courses are exclusively distance learning programs. You can study at home, in your office, at the library or wherever you wish. There are no classes to attend and no in-person meetings required at any time. 

Can I study if I am outside the UK?

Yes - wherever you are in the world, you are welcome join our learning community! We are open to candidates across the globe and you will be able to access to your online course immediately after enrolment. The full program and all assessments can be completed remotely, meaning no matter where you’re located, our college is open to you!

What support is provided?

When you enrol at BOLC, you are assigned a personal tutor to guide and motivate you throughout your studies. Your tutor is both your assessor and your personal learning coach. They will be available throughout your distance learning course to help with any issues or challenges you face while studying your chosen subject. You will be provided with detailed feedback on the assignments you complete, along with ongoing support at all stages of your studies to ensure your success. 

When can I start my course?

All of our courses can be started at any time of the year.

Can I take more than one courses at a time?

Yes – in fact many of our students do exactly that! You can take multiple courses at the same time and we have a range of attractive offers and discounts for those enrolling on more than one course. For more information, please contact us by email at

What qualification will I receive on completing the course?

The qualification you’ll received will depend on the subject you study and the level of the course. All of our awarding bodies are recognised by the Qualifications and curriculum Authority (QCA) England and Wales.

How long will my course take to finish?

Course duration comes entirely down to you, in terms of how much of your time to dedicate to your studies. Each course has a recommended number of study hours, but whether you spread these over a few weeks, months or even years is entirely up to you! There are no time restrictions or deadlines to worry about of any kind! 

How is work submitted?

Assignments can be submitted by email or via the student section of our website.

Do I need any previous qualifications before I enrol?

Absolutely not. Each and every course we offer has been meticulously-crafted so as to be 100% open to experienced students and newcomers alike. Whatever subject you’re interested in, we make it easy to start out at ground level and gradually work you work up to an advanced level. Regardless of your background, education or experience, the entire course catalogue here at BOLC is wide open to you!

Can I enrol online?

Yes – the full enrolment process place online and you won’t need to visit us in person or send anything by post. Enrolment is open 365 days a year so there’s no need to hang around for the course of your choice to become available. 

Is there any set a timetable for submission of assignments?

Not at all – there are no deadlines, schedules or time restrictions of any kind. We understand that adult learners have their own priorities and commitments to deal with, which is why we make distance learning as flexible and accessible as possible. Though we recommend our students to establish their own study schedules and routines, it’s entirely up to you how and when you get the job done! 

Do you accept mature students?

Our programmes are open to quite literally any person of any age with an interest in exploring their full potential! 

How difficult will my course be?

Courses from BOLC are broken down into easily-digestible modules, with all course material having been engineered specifically for home study. Even if you choose a subject you’re entirely unfamiliar with, you’ll pick it up in no time! 

Will distance learning help my career prospects?

In a word, yes! The real beauty of distance learning is that not only can it improve your career prospects, but you don’t need to alter your current commitment or professional life to go back to your education. 

Can I Pay in Instalments?

Yes - we allow you to spread the cost of your course over 8 monthly payment, with any program over £150. You will be required to pay £100 of the course fee as your first payment at the time of enrolment, with the remaining balance to then be paid over the next 8 months. 

How can I pay my fees?

You can pay for your course using PayPal, bank transfer or by sending us a cheque in the post. For more information on course fees and payments, get in touch with our admissions team on +44 292 002 6229.

How can I enrol?

a) Online: Use the online registration form on our Home Page

b) By Telephone: Alternatively, call us on +44 292 002 6229 and a member of our student support team will guide you through the process.