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The BOLC blog is here to keep you on the cutting-end of the dynamic forensic accountancy sector. Complementing our accredited courses in forensic accounting, BOLC is proud to offer an extensive archive of invaluable resources. Learn more about the profession, improve your study skills and enhance your career prospects with high-quality distance learning.

Like our primary courses in forensic accounting, we’re constantly updating the BOLC blog with the latest tutorials, articles and industry-specific guides. Forensic accountancy is a rapidly-evolving field with limitless potential for career progression. Our blog provides learners at all levels with the opportunity to take their skills, knowledge and confidence to a much higher level.
All you need is the drive, determination and commitment to succeed – we’ll take care of the rest!

How to Become a Forensic Accountant
Do you have outstanding numeracy skills and flawless attention to detail? Are you naturally inquisitive and unable to quit, regardless of the challenge? Are you interested in a career committed to detecting and preventing financial fraud? If so, you could be a prime candidate for a career in forensic...

Forensic Accounting Courses Eligibility and Entry Criteria
Most candidates looking to dedicate their careers to the detection and prevention of crime tend to focus on the more obvious examples.  Drug-dealing, theft, violent crimes and so on.  Nevertheless, there’s growing demand on a global basis for those who specialise in forensic accountancy. Roughly...