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How to Become a Project Manager?

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How to Become a Project Manager?

Success in project management demands obsessive attention to detail, flawless self-management skills and the refusal to back down when faced with even the biggest challenges. For those who make the grade, careers in project management can be incredibly rewarding. A degree is a great way to start if you want to become a project manager, but there are many considerations when taking project management as a career. Explore below how to become a project manager.

What Does a Project Manager Do?

What does a Project Manager DoThat sounds exciting! Far from contributory team members, project managers take control of and responsibility for every element of the project from beginning to end. Their job focuses on ensuring that all predetermined objectives and goals are met, which often means addressing unforeseen challenges at every turn.

Exactly what it is the project manager does varies significantly, in accordance with who they work for and the projects they oversee. Generally speaking however, their day-to-day duties may include:

  • Assisting with initial goal-setting and parameter establishment
  • Planning, executing, monitoring, closing and analysing projects
  • Essential budget development and project cost estimations
  • Human resource management and delegation of duties
  • Monitoring and controlling project quality and resource use
  • Risk management and project health & safety coordination

Am I Right For the Job?

As much of the project manager’s role is supervisory, it is important to have strong team leading skills, the ability to delegate competently and the confidence to make key decisions. Project managers must be relentlessly dedicated to the goals and objective of the client, often working under extreme pressure and in accordance with strict deadlines.

Examples of the key skills and character traits the project manager must possess include:

  •  Flawless time management and punctuality
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Advanced problem solving skills
  • Strategic thinking and goal-oriented
  • Professional-level communication skills
  • Natural leadership skills
  • Logical and rational in times of crisis

Ongoing Progression

Most newly qualified start out in assistant project management positions or as project administrators – posts with annual salaries of around £25,000. An experienced project manager can expect to take home up to £45,000, while senior project directors often earn in excess of £75,000.


Professional Lifestyle

Those who work in project management enjoy the unique rewards that come with taking ambitious projects from initial vision right through to completion. Watching your commitment and hard work come to life in the form of a successful project is both fulfilling and inspiring.

“Studying project management gave me the confidence boost I needed to step into the industry and begin my career. It’s no job for the faint-hearted and no two days are ever the same, but I can honestly say that what you get out is so much more than you’ll ever put in. You just have to commit – that’s the most important deciding factor of all.” – Jamie Wheeler, Project Administrator

Taking the Next Step

It’s possible to get into project management at a professional level without having a relevant degree or equivalent qualification. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to get an initial foot-in-the-door if you do not have at least solid educational background and an understanding of the industry.

Project Management Qualifications

Here at Brentwood Open Learning College, we offer a range of high-quality online project management courses at a variety of levels:

International Diploma in Project Management

Our flagship Project Management Diploma is ideally suited to those serious about making their mark on this extraordinary industry.

Certificate in Project Management (Level 3)

We also offer an intermediate Project Management Certificate, which focuses on the responsibilities and duties of working professionals.

Certificate in Project Management (Level 2)

Gain essential introductory insights with our Level 2 Course, which explores project management as a professional at ground level.

Project Management Course (Level 1)

Learn the basics of project management in easy to understand language with our level 1 course in project management.

Our Free certificate courses are online study programs. This means that you are able to study your Free Project Management course from home.