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Courses in Project Management

Looking to get ahead in the field of project management? Along with our fully-accredited courses in project management, BOLC is proud to offer current and prospective student alike our insightful industry blog! Keep up with the latest developments in the profession, discover what it takes to climb the career ladder and begin exploring your full potential – right now! As we’re always updating our blog with fresh and relevant articles, be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new.

We’re always open to the feedback and suggestions of our customers, so please let us know how you feel our blog could be further improved. Or if you’re ready to get started with any of our courses for becoming a construction manager, reach out to the BOLC team today and we’ll guide you through the enrolment process. With a little help from us, your future as a successful project manager starts today!

How to Become a Project Manager?
How to Become a Project Manager? Success in project management demands obsessive attention to detail, flawless self-management skills and the refusal to back down when faced with even the biggest challenges. For those who make the grade, careers in project management can be incredibly rewarding. A...

How to Become a Manager
Would you rather be a leader than a follower? Do you consider yourself to have the qualities of a born leader? Does the prospect of running or even owning a business from a leadership position appeal to you? If so, you could well be cut out for a career in management! What Do Managers Do? Managers...

Project Management Qualifications
Project Management Qualifications Whether starting from scratch or already working in the field, obtaining recognised project management qualifications can be enormously beneficial.  These days, studying for project management qualifications doesn’t have to be particularly time-consuming...

Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities
The Project Management: Roles, Responsibilities and Career Path If you’re a natural leader with a keen eye for detail, a career in project management could be right up your street.  But what exactly are the project manager’s roles and responsibilities?  What is it that...