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Courses in Fashion Designing

Ever dreamed of becoming a successful fashion designer?  You’ve come to the right place – the BOLC blog is packed with useful guides, tutorials and articles for existing and prospective fashion design students.  Alongside our fully-accredited courses in fashion design, we’re proud to offer a range of additional articles and resources.  We take enormous pride in helping our students take those all-important first steps towards the career of their dreams – it all begins by choosing the right courses for becoming a fashion designer!

So whether you’re ready to sign up or still considering your options, we invite you to browse our blog and course collection in full.  If you have any feedback, suggestions or would simply like more information on careers in fashion design, get in touch with the BOLC team anytime.

How to Become a Fashion Designer
Does your career feel dangerously out of season?  Are you dreaming of a job the perfectly suits your passion, your lifestyle and your creativity?  Obsessed with clothes and the latest trends?  Tick one or more of these boxes and a career as a fashion designer could be right up your street! What...

How to Learn Fashion Designing at Home
How to Learn Fashion Designing at Home Millions of people all over the world share the same dream of breaking into the fashion industry. Unfortunately, most of these millions simply cannot commit to full-time education or training. In turn, a whole world of talent, passion and enthusiasm...

Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer
Millions dream of breaking into the fashion design industry, but only a select few are destined to make it. What makes the difference? It’s simple really – grit, determination and making all the right moves along the way. It’s natural to assume that those working at the highest levels...