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Courses in Supply Chain Management

Looking to climb the ladder in supply chain and logistics?  Out to secure your first professional position?  Or perhaps still considering which of our courses in supply chain management to choose? Here in the BOLC blog, you’ll find a range of helpful articles and resources to help guide your decision.  Getting ahead in supply chain and logistics means staying ahead of the curve at all times on important industry matters.  Not to mention, making use of all the tips, tricks and helpful insights you can lay your hands on!

We’re always open to suggestions and would love to hear from you with your thoughts, comments and ideas for our blog.  To discuss any of our courses for becoming a supply chain manager or how home study could benefit your career, be sure to get in touch with the BOLC team for a chat.

How to Become a Supply Chain Manager
Do you consider yourself to be innovative, logical and a critical thinker at all times? Do you thrive in the face of challenges and delight in meeting deadlines? Would you like to secure a career in a rewarding, rock-solid and highly-diverse industry area? If so, a career in supply chain and logistics...

Supply Chain Management Certification
Supply Chain Management Certification: Which is Right for You? Professional development opportunities for those who thrive in supply chain management are limitless.  Nevertheless, it’s important to ensure you pursue the very best supply chain management certification for you personally. An...