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How to Become a Fashion Designer

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People mostly ask questions like: How to Become a Fashion Designer?  What Should I Study to Become a Fashion Designer? Want to know about Fashion Designer Qualifications? We will explore the answers to these many other such questions below: 

Does your career feel dangerously out of season?  Are you dreaming of a job the perfectly suits your passion, your lifestyle and your creativity?  Obsessed with clothes and the latest trends?  Tick one or more of these boxes and a career as a fashion designer could be right up your street!

What do Fashion Designers Do?

Fashion designers work in a variety of capacities in accordance with their experience, competencies and reputation.  From the smallest independent boutiques to international retail chains and right through to the most famous fashion houses in the world, it is a career path with limitless options to explore.

Responsibilities vary in accordance with the designer’s position and employer, though typical daily duties may include:

  • Brainstorming and sketching initial designs
  • Working with advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • Selecting fabrics in accordance with requirements
  • Producing mood boards and creating prototypes
  • Supervision of garment production
  • Quality control
  • Meeting clients to discuss orders
  • Project budget management and comprehensive administration
  • Showcasing completed work and portfolio development
  • Extensive marketing and PR

Am I Right For the Fashion Designer Job?

Along with a genuine interest in fashion, professional fashion designers must have plenty of creative flair and their own unique vision.  Fashion design is less a career and more of an all-consuming lifestyle, which must be lived every day.  You will be required to keep on top of the latest trends, know exactly how to predict the next big fashion movement and remain up to date at all times with what the biggest names in fashion are up to.

Some of the skills required to succeed as a fashion designer include:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Strong self-confidence
  • Self-discipline and determination
  • Back-of-house business skills
  • Technical skills (sketching, sewing, pattern cutting etc.)
  • An understanding of shape, texture, form and colour
  • A strong grasp of key design elements and principles

Ongoing Progression

Gaining a ‘foot in the door’ in the fashion industry takes hard work and determination, though has the potential to yield incredible rewards.  Entry-level fashion designers can expect to take home up to £24,000, increasing to £40,000 for experienced fashion designers and £60,000 for senior designers.  Potential earnings are limitless for those who choose to set up their own businesses and succeed as entrepreneurs.

Professional Lifestyle

The fashion industry is notoriously unpredictable and hectic – two words that perfectly describe careers in fashion design.  It is often necessary to work long hours, meet incredibly tight deadlines, travel internationally and be ready for anything at any time.

“I’ve always been creative – it was just the technical skills I needed to brush up on.  I chose to study online so that I didn’t have to quit my current job, I eventually landed a position as a junior design assistant and within two years was appointed associate design consultant.  I can’t tell you how incredible it is to wake up every morning genuinely excited to go to work!”Laura Swift, Associate Design Consultant

Taking the Next Step

Fashion Designer Qualifications

Fashion design is a field that does not demand any specific qualifications or formal education.  However, it is crucially important to understand both the industry as a whole and the most important elements/principles of professional fashion design, before pursuing a career.

Here at Brentwood Open Learning College, we offer a range of high-quality online fashion design courses at a variety of levels:

Diploma in Fashion Design (Level 4)

Our highest level Fashion Design Diploma is perfect for those who are serious about making a name for themselves in this dynamic and rewarding creative industry.

Certificate in Fashion Design (Level 3)

For an intermediate overview of the industry and essential technical insights, our Level 3 Fashion Design Certificate delivers outstanding quality teachings.

Fashion Design Course (Level 1)

We also offer Level 1 Fashion Design Course, for candidates interested in entry level course. 

For more information about our Fashion Designing certificate/diploma courses and free fashion design courses, get in touch with the Brentwood Open Learning College admissions team today.