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We offer a wide range of Online Certificate Courses in management, within various sectors of the industries. You can choose from a range of our accredited courses; online construction management courses , project management courses online, event management courses online, logistics and supply chain management courses. 

Online Certificate Courses in Management

We provide cost effective and flexible solutions that avoid time away from workplace and allow people to learn at their own pace , at the time that suits them best. Learners get one to one support from their tutors. other resources consist of online supporting material available on our learning Management system, study guide and online discussion forms. This flexible learning method allows you to fit your learning in with other commitments with compromising for the success rate or quality.

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Certificate in Change Management (Level 3)

Change Management Certification Online Change is an inevitable part of life and has the potential to bring about fantastic...

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Certificate in Team Leading Skills Course (Level 2)

Team Leader Courses Online The difference between the manager and the team leader can perhaps be best communicated in a...

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Certificate in Crisis Management (Level 3)

Crisis Management Certification Online Modern businesses must have contingency plans to fall back on in the event of an...

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Certificate in Performance Management (Level 3)

Performance Management Course Employee performance management represents a critically important element in the running...

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Certificate in E Commerce Management (Level 3)

E Commerce Courses Online Electronic commerce has been growing at breakneck pace for the past couple of decades –...

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Anger Management Course (Level 2)

Online Anger Management Course Anger is a natural and unavoidable part of life – one that affects every single human...

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Conflict Resolution Course (Level 2)

Conflict Resolution Certification Online As it is often impossible to entirely avoid conflict, proactively responding to...

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Disability Awareness Course (Level 2)

Disability Course Online As the disabled community continues to grow exponentially on a global basis, many businesses are...

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Time Management Course (Level 2)

Time Management Course Online They say time is money, but in reality time is a resource more valuable than all the riches...

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Managing Virtual Work Place (Level 2)

Managing Online Business Course In a wide variety of business areas, the virtual workplace is slowly but surely taking...

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Stress Management Course (Level 2)

Stress Management Certification Online Stress and anxiety represent inevitable side-effects of modern living.  Quite...

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Certificate in Team Leading Skills (Level 3)

Leadership Skills Course The success of any manager or supervisor will always be measured in accordance with the performance...

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Certificate in Management (Level 3)

Online Management Course. To step into management for the first time is to begin an extraordinary new career path for life....

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Diploma in Management (Level 4)

Diploma in Management Online. Stepping into management represents the single most important career development the average...

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Management Course (Short Course)

Free Online Management Courses. To understand the difference between management and leadership is to begin mastering the...

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Management Course (Level 1)

Management Course Online The gap that separates standard members of the workforce from those in management positions is...

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