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Admin, Secretarial & PA

Secretarial Courses Online

Learn how to become a successful secretary or a professional PA, with our exclusive Secretarial Courses. Brentwood Open Learning College is proud to offer a dynamic collection of endorsed distance learning programs, open for enrolment throughout the year and with no deadlines imposed.

Study at a time and pace that suit your lifestyle, as you explore the high-flying world of the elite personal assistant. Bring your CV to life with an endorsed accolade, broaden your career prospects and build the confidence you need to achieve your goals.

Choose from a variety of Secretarial Courses Online, from our entry-level certificate to our most advanced diploma. All with no entry requirements to fulfil and expert tutor support available on demand. Sign up online, or contact our admission team anytime for more information.

Secretarial Courses Online at BOLC

At Brentwood Open Learning College, each of our PA and secretarial skills programs comes complete with all required learning resources and expert tutor support in the initial fee as standard.

Choose from a selection of courses at a variety of levels, including the following popular programs: 

  • Level 1 PA and Secretarial Skills Certificate
  • Level 2 PA and Secretarial Skills Certificate
  • Level 3 PA and Secretarial Skills Certificate
  • Level 4 PA and Secretarial Skills Diploma
  • Level 5 PA and Secretarial Skills Advanced Diploma 

Use the links above to find out more about our exclusive PA and secretarial skills courses, or contact Brentwood Open Learning College anytime if you have any questions.  

We also have an extensive range of free courses to choose from, open for enrolment 365 days a year with not a penny to pay. Click here to check out our current portfolio of free courses and find your ideal program.

Why Choose Our Secretarial Courses?

Secretarial skills are of unique value and relevance on a global basis. Elite secretaries and PAs perform a wide range of administrative duties to support the businesses and lifestyles of those they work for. From everyday office admin to making travel arrangements to organising important meetings, employers worldwide have come to rely on the services of skilled PAs and secretaries.

To succeed as a PA or secretary, you need to be a born multitasker with an abundance of confidence and an outgoing personality. You need to be able to handle a complex workload, prioritise tasks like a pro and at times work 100% independently. You’re working for an employer, but you’re ultimately the boss of what you do, when you do it and how well it’s done.

Job opportunities for skilled PAs and secretaries are wide open. Pursue a position with an established organisation, or set your sights on becoming a PA for an entrepreneur, a politician or even an A-list celebrity. All with the guarantee of an enjoyable lifestyle and surprisingly high earnings potential.

What to Expect from a Secretarial Course with Brentwood Open Learning College

At Brentwood Open Learning College, we specialise in affordable, accessible and enjoyable online education. Our fully endorsed PA and secretarial skills courses have been designed to lay a strong foundation for a future career in high-level admin.

Key topics and knowledge areas covered in our exclusive PA and secretarial skills courses include the following:

  • Advanced office administration tasks
  • How to balance a busy and complex workload
  • The importance of strategic prioritisation
  • Discretion and confidentiality as a PA
  • How to write important business documents
  • The basics of organising and managing meetings
  • Making travel arrangements on behalf of others
  • Time management skills and maintaining motivation
  • The criticality of attention to detail as a PA

Each course consists of a series of in-depth modules, along with online assessments to gauge students’ knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Get to know the primary duties and responsibilities of PAs and secretaries, the objectives of secretarial services and the career options open to the professional PA.

We include all guides, resources and study aids needed to complete the course in the initial fee for unbeatable value for money. What’s more, our courses are open to ambitious candidates worldwide, with no entry-requirements to fulfil.

Contact Brentwood Open Learning College anytime for more information.

Secretarial and PA Courses: Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for established PAs and skilled secretaries extend to almost all industries and sectors worldwide. Formal job titles in the field of PA and secretary skills include the following:

  • Personal Assistant

  • Personal Executive Assistant

  • Data Entry Clerk

  • Personal Concierge

  • Executive Assistant

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Reception Manager

  • Office Assistant

  • Secretary

  • Support Secretary

  • Office Manager

You’ll find full course details by clicking on the links above, along with all the information you’ll need to enrol online and get started in minutes. Sign up today, or contact the admissions team at Brentwood Open Learning College anytime for more information.

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