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Manpower services commission UK defines training as; " a planned process to modify attitude, knowledge or skill behaviour through learning experience to achieve effective performance in an activity or range of activities. Its purpose in the work situation is to develop the abilities of the individual and to satisfy current and future manpower needs of the organisation". The role of training for the improvement of overall performance of an organisation cannot be ignored. The term 'performance' is therefore closely related to training.

It is evident that the term 'training' does not simply mean running a classroom session. First step for the delivery of any training is the identification of the training needs of the trainees. Once the raining needs are identified; objectives of the training are set.

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There should be a balance in the training programme. A training programme should not be heavy where there is no time for the trainees to absorb the content of the training. Neither it should be so light and it does not fulfil the aims of the training. training programme should be stimulating and should provide opportunity for the participants for reflection.

Training content should be suitable for the trainees. Content should be devised so as to achieve the purpose of the training.  The aim of each training session is to help people and organisation with their performance related issues. Trainer should use suitable measuring techniques to assess;

  • Where the quality of the training was good;
  • whether it helped in improving performance;
  • whether the training was worth doing.

Train the Trainer Course Online

Train the trainer Courses Online, provides learners with the essential knowledge about the concepts of training and training techniques. The skills gained on Train the trainer course online, help participants to become effective trainers. They will also learn how to plan, deliver and evaluate training effectively.

Coaching and Mentoring Distance Learning, programs provide you a good starting point for career in mentoring and tutoring. Dictionary definitions suggest that mentoring is about passing on wisdom. The mentors help practitioners to find answers to difficult and challenging problems, they assist them with strategies for action in their job roles that ultimately helps to promote motivation in the work place. A mentor combines the qualities of an adviser, a teacher, a guide, a coach , a counsellor, a role model, a leader and a facilitator. 

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