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Hotel Management

Hotel Management Courses Online, with BOLC cover all the aspects of hotel management from food and beverage to front office operations and from accounting to and sales. Hotel Management Courses Online,  provide you with the sought after knowledge and skills needed to find a top position in this lucrative and highly demanding industry. Hotel Management Courses Online, with BOLC also help you develop  self confidence and management skills. 

Hotel Management Courses Online

When we think about hospitality industry, the first thing that comes in our mind is this industry is all about hotels and restaurants. However the meaning of hospitality is much wider Oxford English Dictionary defines it as" “the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers with liberality and good will.” Taking into account this definition the terms hotels and restaurant also refer to the institutions that offer shelter, food, or both to people who are away from their homes . The services in hotel industry include; management of food and shelter, providing light, heat , cleaning services, managing employees, preparing food for the guests etc.

The profession of hospitality is amongst the oldest of the human professions that involves making  guests feel comfortable and providing them with a home like environment.  Career advancement opportunities are available within this sector. If you start your career as a trainee in a restaurant after completing the necessary training and with some experience at hand you can take a job as an assistant manager in a hotel. The next job offer could be in a hospitality corporation. Diploma of hospitality online, can put you on the right path if you want to advance your career in hospitality.

Online Hotel Management Courses,   provide you with most convenient option for career enhancement . You set your study schedule for yourself as there are no fixed timetable for study, no fixed dates for the submission of assignments.

These Online Hotel Management Courses, are  suitable for tourism  , hotel, restaurant, leisure and visitor businesses and organisations. The courses are  equally useful to business owners, managers and staff. 

Hospitality Courses Online

Why do people want to study hospitality courses online? the best answer could be this first and foremost reason for choosing hospitality as a career is the huge demand in this field. According to British Hospitality Association 'hospitality is one of the Britain's  greatest industries for job creation'.   According to U.S bureau of labour statistics  (BLS) hospitality industry provided 1.7 million jobs as of January 2012. BLS also predicts that the number of jobs in this industry will increase by 5 percent by 2018. There are lots of career opportunities specially for mangers in the period between 2010 and 2020,  employment of hospitality managers is  expected to grow by 9 to 17 percent. So the statistics are very encouraging for the students who are interested to start their career in this field. They feel that in an industry that has more job opportunities than applicants can give them a good measure of independence whether they start their own business or seek employment as a company employee. Many students get attracted to this profession simply because they want to run their own business in the long run. 

Catering industry also carries a lot of opportunities. This is one of the fastest growing segments of food service, a related career path in this field is event planning.  There are wide range of opportunities in lodging sector as well. There are numerous websites that help employees to find  employers of their choice such as  Hcareers or monster jobs. Sometimes personal contacts through family, or friends bring up opportunities as well. 

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