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Public Relations Course ( Short Course)

Course Overview

Free PR Courses Online.

Nothing is more powerful or influential than public opinion when it comes to determining how a business performs. Even if you offer the most outstanding products, services and value for money on Earth, negative public opinion could still destroy your business. With the internet having given every person with a voice the ability to be heard globally, reputation management is no longer a passive practice. Instead, it is up to PR professionals to continually monitor, analyse, engineer and ultimately control public opinion, in order to ensure it works in the organisation’s favour. The power of public opinion is matched only by that of the most successful PR professionals. 

Public relations is a dynamic field that requires dedication, confidence and a strong educational foundation. Brentwood Open Learning College is proud to offer this exclusive entry-level free public relations course, 100% free of charge and with immediate enrolment available. Packed with essential industry insights, candidates explore the role of the PR professional, a series of PR methodologies and what separates PR from standard publicity and advertising. This outstanding distance learning opportunity is ideally suited to those currently working in PR capacities and newcomers to the industry alike.

Our free public relations courses,are open to anyone looking to improve their prospects, or simply to enrich existing knowledge of a subject of interest. We provide all course materials so there’s not a penny to pay, plus with no time restrictions you can spread the workload however suits you best.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as the next PR powerhouse, why not take the first step to making it happen today?

Course Syllabus

This free public relations course the following topics:

TOPIC 1: Introduction to Public Relations

TOPIC 2: Differences and Similarities in Public Relations, Advertising and Publicity

TOPIC 3: Public Relations’ Tools and Methods 


On course completion you will be awarded with our FREE BOLC course completion letter issued by the College. This letter will be sent to you in your email. 

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Course Level
Entry Level

Awarding Body

Study Method
Online Learning

Course Duration
20 Hours Approx.

Entry Requirements
There are no particular entry requirements

Customer Reviews

Total Reviews: (7)


It was concise, very interesting with simple words easy to understand. I could go through it again and again. I enjoyed every part of it and acquired the knowledge I needed. The value for this course was worth it. I encourage anyone with a hunger for indebt knowledge and searches for such online to contact BOLC, it's the right place to learn. I had a beautiful experience in mine so I can tell.



Liked how informative it was, especially as I'm relatively new to PR.



It was a home learning study course plus it was free. The notes provided were in detailed form and it was so much easy studying in my own time.I have already started recommending this university to my family and friends.



The course is easy and most importantly one gets to understand the importance of communication and issues concerning Public Relations field.

#Chandapiwa hellen


I love the explanation, the details though it was a short course, the simplicity of the words which made it easy to assimilate and the mode of assignment. I really enjoyed myself and the interesting part of it is that it was free. Thanks to Brentwood Team for giving me this great opportunity.

#Esohe Gift


The interesting and motivating way of explaining complicated theories in a simpler manner. I loved learning this course. It made my ideas Clear about publicity and advertising and is helpful in building good public relations for expanding my business.


It's easy to understand, and time flexibility makes it a great program.