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How to Claim your Certificate

How to Claim your Certificate

Upon successful completion of your free course, you will have the opportunity to claim one of three certificates as proof of your new skills and knowledge:

  • Option 1 - Certificate of Achievement Endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme

  • Option 2 - CPD Accredited Certificate to boost your CPD Profile

  • Option 3 - Certificate of Completion from Brentwood Open Learning College


An endorsed certificate from the Quality License Scheme or/and CPD Standards Office could bring the following benefits:

  • A huge boost to your CV and future employment prospects
  • Faster progression up the leadership ladder
  • Valuable CPD points to boost your professional profile

Certificate Charges

Certificate of Achievement endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme


  • Diploma:   £120
  • Certificate:   £85
  • Short Course:  £45

CPD Accredited Certificate

  • PDF (Diploma, Certificate, Short Course):  £30
  • Hard Copy (Diploma):  £95
  • Hard Copy (Certificate):  £75
  • Hard Copy (Short Course):  £30

Certificate of Completion from Brentwood Open Learning College

  • PDF: (Diploma, Certificate, Short Course):   £10
  • Hard copy (Diploma, Certificate, Short Course):  £25

Postal Charges:

  • National:  £9
  • International:  £15

An optional courier service is also available for expedited delivery, charged at a flat rate of £50 per document. Please contact Brentwood Open Learning College for more information on fast-track postage.

Payment Methods

We accept a wide variety of popular payment methods including:

  • All Major Credit and Debit Cards
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • PayPal

Want to pay for your certificate using a different method?

Please contact our customer support team anytime at +442920026229 or email to discuss the alternative options available.