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Project Management Course (Short Course)

Course Overview

Project Management Course Online Free

The term ‘project’ refers in a business capacity to any limited-time activity or piece of planned work, implemented with the goal of reaching a predetermined outcome. Projects are usually strictly controlled by way of start dates, deadlines, costs, risk, resource allocation and so on. Businesses rely on short and long-term projects alike to grow, evolve and generally remain competitive. From simple procedure adjustments to business-wide restructuring to international expansion efforts, project managers are charged with the task of planning, implementing and overseeing projects at all levels from start to finish. 

As a profession of relevance to almost every industry and sector, career opportunities in project management are limitless. As part of our exclusive project management course online free, Brentwood Open Learning College is proud to offer this ground-project management course online free– 100% free of charge! Success in project management requires extensive experience, though a strong educational foundation is imperative for those looking to get started. This outstanding distance learning opportunity guides candidates through the basics of the industry, along with what exactly the project manager does and an overview of the project life cycle.

Our free courses represent the perfect opportunity to explore a variety of new subject areas risk-free and without a penny to pay. You’ll be provided with all the materials you need after enrolling and there are no deadlines or time restrictions whatsoever. What’s more, all BOLC course can be taken from anywhere in the world and enrolment is open throughout the year.

So, why not make your future career today’s project and sign up right now?

Course Syllabus

This free project management course covers the following topics:

TOPIC 1: Introduction to Project Management

TOPIC 2: Role of the Project Manager

TOPIC 3: The Project Life Cycle     

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On course completion you will be awarded with our FREE BOLC course completion letter issued by the College. This letter will be sent to you in your email. 

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Career Path

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Entry Level

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Online Learning

Course Duration
20 Hours Approx.

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There is no particular entry requirement for this course.

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Customer Reviews

Total Reviews: (15)


The coursework is easy to read and understand and is backed up with resource books that make your experience of first principles excellent.



Very concise, concrete, effective and stress-free.



The course content was very good and I wanted to learn more in this course and this online system is very good.


I like project management short course because of excellent study material provided by Brentwood open learning college. I understand very easily and prepare myself for the assignment question. I will be thankful to all Brentwood open learning college friends.

#Abdul khanan


This self-paced free course gives you an overview of the topics you'll need to be well versed with should you choose this as your career. The course materials provided are well presented in simple English which makes it easy to comprehend even for a layman who isn't proficient in English. The User Manual and Study guide have all the answers pertaining to the assignment, tutor assistance, navigating around the site. The assignments are graded and you receive the certificate within 48hrs of uploading. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a career change. As for BOLC, the Admin Team is fast, friendly and efficient. I do look forward to taking another course with them.



The information in the course was so useful, it helped me a lot in my job. I am so satisfied with this course.

#Omar Kamaleldin Ahmed Abdelhamid


This project helped me a lot with its name being evident. Project Management. The project helped me to learn the Traits a Person must possess to claim himself a 'Project Manager. I literally learned from completing the assignment and the distinction grade motivated me to learn from the University much more.

#Ali Raamis

First and foremost, the module is self-explanatory and easy to understand. Secondly, I am greatly impressed with the course content and there are well-explained examples that enable the student to understand better. Also, some concepts are backed up by diagrams that help illustrate these principles further, For instance, Fig: 5 (page 18) which shows the Project Life Cycle, To sum up, the module is 'student-friendly' and I really enjoyed the course.



The entire educational package offered were unique and excellent. Throughout my study with Brentwood, I loved the quick response to my emails and the course study and supporting material were made easy for one to understand. I have learned a lot from the course, it has really solidified my foundation to pursue this course to a higher level. I also have a certificate of completion to testify to others.



My name is a Patrick Chukwuemeka I am a Student of BOLC (Brentwood Open College, UK). However, I participated/went through a course called Project Management short course and I came out with an excellent result (Distinction as my grade). Moreover, What I liked and find more interesting about this course “Project Management” is that it enhances and build ideas on how to create and establish resources and activities aimed to achieve a certain output, considering constraints like time, quality and cost and which often introduces a change.



The course material was easy to understand and more helpful.



The availability of course material and the easy to use an interface the students' portal.



I choose the (Short Course) first. This was going to be a deciding factor for me to make the decision to proceed forward. I really enjoyed the course. It explained clearly what a project is. The part I loved most about this course was the five steps of the life cycle. It was clear, concise and directly to the point. It was well defined what was critical and the steps that need to consistently need to follow up on the project to the closeout process. For people deciding that they would like to have a PM career, this course was spot on! I myself am encouraged to proceed forward in obtaining the further education with the Brentwood Open Learning College.



I like the way the course materials are presented in a clear and easy to understand way, it was explained with practical and easy to remember examples. It was a total pleasure taking the course.Thank you.



The course materials were available easily and all the instructions laid out simply. Responses from the admin people were fast and efficient. The course itself was straightforward to follow and well presented, with the ability to go at your own pace. The course material was marked quickly. Very professional company and would recommend them and would look to do another course in the future.