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Project Management

Online Project Management Courses.

What is Project Management?

Project Management is defined by PMI as 'a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result'.

A project is a combination of specific operations that are carried out in order to achieve a specific objective. A project is different from routine work , as it is a onetime effort that takes place to achieve a singular goal. So a project team may consist of people who may not  be working together for their routine work, sometime they are from different organizations or different regions and may possess different set of skills but all work together to achieve a specific goal.  

Project Management includes; identifying project goals and objectives, developing a project plan, identifying tasks and the ways to achieve those tasks, quantifying the required resources and determining budgets and timelines for project completion. International diploma in project management offered by Brentwood Open Learning College , is a comprehensive programme , starting from the basics it provides a rounded view of all the processes involved in project management.

A project management being a highly diverse field, you can get your job in any kind of industry. Project manager’s responsibilities almost remain the same irrespective of the industry. Some of the responsibilities are; identifying the demands of client or organization regarding project, identifying resources, budgets and timelines, devising a strategy or plan to achieve the objectives, selecting project team, managing team effectively, negotiating with the contractors, monitoring systems and evaluating risk management plan. 

Today businesses and organisations are competing with each other for providing faster, cheaper and better services and products to their clients. They are increasingly using projects to meet their goals. As project are goal oriented and have certain time frame and budget for completion when managed well projects are delivered on time and within the set budget. IPMA provides education and resources that are of particular interest for many PM practitioners, researchers, educators, executives and managers.

All projects have some common features like scope , budget and schedule. At the same time one project also differs from another. Understanding how one project is different from another and what are the requirements of a certain project is crucial for the successful  management of projects. Management tools, processes and systems used for large and complex projects also differ from those used for managing small projects.  Project Management Courses Online, help managers to run well executed projects on reduced costs. This way they can help their organisation to improve their efficiency and increase their profits. Project Management Courses Online, train project managers to communicate more effectively both  within the organisation and with their external clients.  Project manager's role is therefore very important in any organisation.

Project management is most vital and widely spread field that is always progressing. There is huge demand of skilled project managers all over the world.  If you are a knowledgeable person and are able to cope with different tasks at the same time, possess leadership qualities; you are the most suitable person for project management jobs. For establishing a successful career in project management you will need some experience and proper qualification in project management.

Project manager’s salaries depend on experience,  industry, type and size of the project. Junior project managers usually start from £25,000 to £30,000 annually. Senior project managers can earn up to £30,000 to £50,000 or more annually. APM also advertises relevant jobs on their website. 

Project Management Courses Online

Project management is a rewarding career and there is a great demand for those who learn it. Project managers are required to have knowledge about several knowledge areas and work using variety of tools while managing a project. Projects consist of numerous activities; all are correlated. The actions taken on one activity may affect several other areas of the project. Sound knowledge in project management is therefore essential for managing projects successfully.  

Project management courses, cover various topics like; scope, planning, budget, cost management, risk management, quality management, procurement management and project's close out. Students also learn about the knowledge skills and tools used for managing all of these areas. Tools and techniques used for managing complex projects also differ from those used for managing small projects. Students also learn about choosing appropriate tools based on the complexity profile of the project. They learn about dealing with people, managing project team successfully, motivating team members and developing a right project culture. 

Regardless of your current level of experience, Online Project Management Courses, will ;

  • equip you with the relevant knowledge and skills that you need to deliver your projects successfully
  • provide you with accredited certificates
  • enable you to develop skills for a successful practice of a project manager.
  • the courses come with one to one tutor support.
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