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How to Work in Business Management

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Do you have the relentless desire to climb the corporate ladder? Do you dream of a high-flying career as a business manager, executive or even company director? Interested in taking that first important step toward your future success today? If so, a high-quality business course could be right up your street!

What Do Business Managers Do?

Business management exists at a variety of levels – each of which contributes to the overall running of the business. From project management to admin management to business process management and more, its takes multiple managers to run and optimise a successful business. Some are more hands-on than others, but all take a supervisory role over day-to-day operations and the workforce alike. Business management is a role of extreme responsibility, with equally outstanding rewards for those who make the grade.

Key duties vary from one role to the next, but may include:

  • Recruiting, training and deploying team members
  • Supervising workforce performance and behaviour
  • Analysing revenues, costs, financial risks and opportunities
  • Producing business plans and budgeting
  • Overseeing sales, marketing and customer service
  • Identifying expansion/investment opportunities
  • Reporting directly to company owners and executive
  • Playing a role in PR and customer relations

Am I Right For the Job?

Success in a business setting takes commitment, hard work and an unwillingness to compromise. Climbing the corporate ladder means dedicating yourself to the business you work for, while at the same time constantly striving for personal improvement. In the business world, a careful balance of who you know, what you know and how you apply yourself will determine which candidates reach the highest possible levels.

There are, of course, thousands of different areas of business – each calling for very specific traits and attributes. However, the following skills and qualities are fundamental across all areas of business:

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong self-confidence and drive to succeed
  • Impeccable time-management and organisation skills
  • Generally strong business and admin acumen
  • Honesty, reliability and faultless integrity
  • Highly-developed problem-solving skills and analytical thinking
  • The ability to work rationally under extreme pressure
  • Total flexibility and adaptability
  • Willingness to work dynamic shift patterns and travel regularly

Ongoing Progression

A career in business can effectively be anything you want it to be. With a solid educational background and sufficient experience, even the sky isn’t the limit. Entry-level supervisory positions usually attach salaries in the region of £20,000 or so, while senior managers often earn in excess of £50,000. Climb your way up to an executive position and earnings can be quite literally limitless.

Professional Lifestyle

Those who work in business need to be ready for a dynamic, unpredictable lifestyle that demands total commitment at all times. It isn’t the kind of profession in which you’ll succeed, unless it becomes a real priority in your life. However, the rewards that open up to those who make it in the business management world can be nothing short of extraordinary.

“I studied with Brentwood to help do something about the job rut I was in. After working at the same level and in the same place for five years, I figured it was time to take charge of things. I studied business administration, got myself a mentor and was singled out for promotion in no time. Working in business management is so different from working at a team member level – I can finally say I really enjoy my job!” – Gareth Atkinson, Business Admin Manager

Taking the Next Step

A recognised qualification can make all the difference, whether in pursuit of promotion or seeking your first professional role. Practical experience counts for a lot, but the stronger your theoretical foundation, the better the position you’ll be in to climb the ladder.

Brentwood Open Learning College is proud to offer an extensive collection of world-class home study programs, covering business at all levels. Study in your own time and your own pace, with no deadlines or time restrictions to worry about.

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Below please find some of the courses for developing skills for working in Business sector.

Budget Planning Course (Level 3) 

Certificate in Business Process Management

Writing Reports and Proposals (level 3)

Certificate in Business Management (Level 3)

Certificate in Communication Skills (Level 2)