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Free Courses in England: Four Reasons to Study Online for Free


Free Courses in England: Four Reasons to Study Online for Free

Free courses in England are readily available, but when would taking an online course be a better choice then enrolling on a degree-level programme?

Earning a bachelor’s degree or higher involves a major investment of both time and money.  Consequently, it’s something the vast majority of people in full-time employment cannot afford to do.

But while it’s true to say that a degree can help you get where you want to be in the job market, it’s far from the only option available.  If looking to further your education in a more affordable way, there’s no shortage of free courses in England to choose from.

Online Courses from UK Colleges

Online courses in the UK (with certificationor otherwise) are readily available for anyone looking to pick up new skills and knowledge. Most free courses in England can be taken from anywhere in the world, issued by UK colleges but with no specific geographic restrictions.

Of course, you could argue that a free online course is never going to be quite as in-depth or comprehensive as a degree-level programme.  Which is true, but this is not what free online courses are all about.

More UK schools and colleges are offering online courses than ever before for two important reasons:

  1. Most people do not have the time to commit to a degree-level course
  2. Even the most competitive online degrees can be costly to take

Enrolling on a degree-level course as an adult can be a daunting prospect.  What if it turns out the subject you chose is not for you?  What if your circumstances change and the degree you are studying for no longer holds any practical value or relevance to your career?

Spending two or three years studying for a degree simply isn’t a viable option for most.  Precisely where free online courses from UK colleges can be a more flexible, accessible and accommodating option.

When it Makes Sense to Take a Free Online Course

Free online courses from UK colleges with certificationare always preferable, as you’re left with formal evidence of your accomplishments. But even if taking a free course with no certificate or diploma involved, it could still play a role in getting you where you want to be.

With this in mind, here are just four of the many instances where taking a free online course with a UK college makes perfect sense:

1. When Pursuing Promotion at Work

Employers and decisionmakers always show preference to candidates who demonstrate ambition and initiative.  Taking online courses of any kind is a clear indication of both, demonstrating commitment to your continuous professional development (CPD).

This is just the kind of thing that can provide a worker with an edge over rival candidates in the workplace. All while empowering you with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to become the best possible worker you can be.

2. To Branch Out Into Something New

It could also be that you are considering a career change, but have not yet decided whether to go ahead.  This is where committing to a degree-level program simply isn’t a realistic option, as you are yet to determine whether it’s the right path to pursue.

With a free online course, you can enjoy an entry-level introduction to almost any topic or professional discipline, without having to pay a penny.  After which, you can decide whether to take your studies to the next level, or perhaps set your sights on something different.  Either way, you won’t have wasted a great deal of time or money on finding out.

3. Pursuit of a Personal Interest

Taking online courses doesn’t always have to be about professional development or career advancement.  It can also be a great way to pursue a personal interest, even if you have no intention of turning it into a career.

From fashion design to social media to interior design and decorating, there are free courses available to suit all tastes and interests.  Studying online can help you further your professional development, but it can also assist with the pursuit of pure pleasure.

4. To Add Weight to Your CV

Last up, employers spanning all sectors respond positively to candidates who make the best possible use of their time. Free online courses can be great for covering gaps in your employment history - a demonstration of proactivity and commitment to continuous improvement.

Likewise, a free online course could also be just the thing to help you develop the industry-specific knowledge and skills you need, if looking to branch out into something new. In today’s ultra-competitive job market, it’s the little things like these that often add up to the biggest differences.

Free Online Courses UK with Certification

Whether pursuing promotion at work, exploring a personal interest or looking to start your own business, our free online courses could be just the thing.

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All course materials and study aids are included as standard, and there are no limitations on how many courses you can take.

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