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Construction Management

Online Construction Management Courses,Construction management is about overall planning , controlling and coordination of a project from start to finish. Construction managers supervise and direct the operations on construction projects. They ensure that construction projects are completed safely , on time and within the approved budget.

Online Construction Management Courses

Construction project can be the construction of a new building or the refurbishment of the existing one.  Modern construction is a complex and highly organised process that involves; large investments, unique construction techniques, skilled labour, real time project and risk management information systems. Each construction project is a "unique" project, vastly different in nature and type from each other. Due to rapid changes in the technology  the productive and effective management of construction projects requires a very innovative, creative and efficient organisational structure to manage the financial, technological and human resources within the constraints of time, cost, quality and availability.

With the boom in construction industry the  demand for highly skilled and innovative construction managers has increased. The need for  the sustainable  and environmental friendly construction methods  have increased which has replaced traditional procurement routes and  management methods. Construction Management Courses Online, offer wide range of topics which cover the skills that modern construction managers need in order to fulfil the challenges of the industry. The programmes offered provide outstanding opportunity for  upgrading skills in order to enhance the career choices.

Construction Courses Online,  introduce you to the key concepts of the construction industry and property projects; Productivity and Labour Quality , Role of Construction Supervisor, Project Life Cycle, Estimate of a Construction Project, Estimation during Feasibility Studies, Estimation during Project Report Stage and for Project Approval, Estimating for Planning Bill of Quantities, Estimating, for Revision of Project Budgets , Criteria for Location and Site Selection, Climatic considerations, Topographic Considerations, Site Organization, Planning for Equipment,  Matching of Construction Equipment and Plant, Financing, Hire-Purchase Options , Equipment Management and stock planning, Material Management, Purchase and Stores Management, Specialised Buying & Vendor Management, Quality Control Management, Human Resource Management, Legal Aspects of Contracts.

Besides these our, Online Construction management courses,  focuses on a broad range of areas including construction , project management, cost management, quality management , contracts administration, material management, equipments hire and purchase.

Construction Courses Online, teach you to calculate total of work and materials required in building and construction projects, you will learn how to arrive at these figures by using different techniques. 

Over all Our, Online Construction Management Certificate Programs, focus on the successful management of construction projects with approved budgets, deadlines, and available resources. Students learn the basics of cost estimating, bidding scheduling, procurement, and project control procedures, core project management concepts and methodologies, including: the roles and responsibilities of project managers; project plan development and execution; project initiation and scope planning,  schedule development and control.

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