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Human Resources Management Course (Short Course)

Course Overview

Free Online HR Courses with Certificates.

Human resources represent the driving force that allows a brand, business or organisation to operate. As such, the strength of an organisation is determined almost entirely by the strength of the workforce. From recruitment to training to deployment to ongoing supervision, the HR manager plays a critical role in building and optimising the team. Which is precisely why from a corporate perspective, the qualified and capable HR professional represents one of the valuable of all business assets. 

If a role in HR management appeals to you, this exclusive free HR course could help you take that next important step. As part of our growing collection of 100% cost-free courses, we’re proud to offer an exclusive introductory HR management distance learning program. Ideally suited to those already working in HR capacities and newcomers alike, course content explores the most important and relevant areas of the profession. Along with learning more about the role of the HR manager, candidates gain a better understanding of recruitment, selection, training, ongoing staff development and so much more.

With no hidden fees, no strings attached and all course materials provided by us as standard, this really is a golden opportunity to invest in your future without a penny to pay. We keep enrolment open throughout the year and all of our free online hr training courses are free of time restrictions and deadlines. Study at a pace that suits you from anywhere in the world and enrich your CV with valuable skills and knowledge.

Take that first crucial step toward a career in HR management today, with a little help from BOLC!

Course Syllabus

Course Content

This course covers the following topics:

TOPIC 1:          Introduction to HR Management   

TOPIC 2:          Recruitment and Selection      

TOPIC 3:          Staff Training and Development


On course completion you will be awarded with our FREE BOLC course completion letter issued by the College. This letter will be sent to you in your email. 

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Course Level
Entry Level

Awarding Body

Study Method
Online Learning

Course Duration
20 Hours Approx.

Entry Requirements
There are no particular entry requirements

Customer Reviews

Total Reviews: (22)


What I liked most about the course was that it was easy. It was also short, just like the name, it was enlightening and the study materials explained the course explicitly.



The course was very well played out.Tutors and staff were very helpful. I learned a lot and would recommend this institution to anyone who would like a good experience with learning.



The course expanded my HR knowledge since I work with staff members on a daily basis. Also, I do not have enough time to attend contact classes due to the nature of my work so this course was very rewarding for sharpening my skills.The fact that the course material is of an international standard is also is a bonus point.



I have found this course very interesting. Not only I could study in my own time, but I could also submit it when I was ready. It was very convenient.The course was well explained, all the guides helped me understand what was required of me. I will definitely look for another course at Brentwood University.


A great course! It an interesting course, easy to read and understand. I was able to take up the course and study at my own pace despite my tight schedule and workload and Am very sure it going to pave way for me as I venture into the HRM department of any company of my choice.



A well-presented explanation, with short comprehensive phrases and paragraph. Very clear example of each topic. No need to struggle to read. Very at ease and stress-less course for everyone.



It was very informative and interesting, and very straightforward, I enjoyed this very much!



The Course materials are self-explanatory. Very educative. Very flexible.

#Tochukwu Fortunetus




Everything about Brentwood is transparent, no hidden agenda, the study material are professional and easy to use, when you submit assignment they mark it immediately and get your result in a blink of an eye, if you want professional college try Brentwood you will never go wrong, they are very much reliable to students.

#Andrew Jabulani

The course was very interesting, I learned a new skill in Human Resource management.I really liked that part on how to part on staff training and development, I learned that as managers we must always seek to motivate an employee because a motivated and empowered employee will serve the customer satisfactorily, hence will bring good output resulting to profits for the organization.



I am a student of BOLC, I have completed the training HR Management Course (Short Course). And the course makes an impact in my life, the course is now a vital part of any organisation. Every organsation is required to have this department. What interest me most in this course, is that it enabled me to develop enough competent employee skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience needed to achieve organisational objectives. Free online course material available for students at ease of pace. The delivery method of this course is through online delivery which is less expensive, and it was able to reach out to me all the way from Nigeria. This is very important to me now and in the future as it adds to my career in life. Thanks to BOLC.



Although a free short course, it had very important information that I wanted to acquire. After taking the assessment, I felt more empowered as someone doing a diploma course. One thing that surprised me is the format in which all assessments have to be submitted, even for the short courses.



The course is very educative and intuitive. What I like most about the course is assignments, the questions were straight and very easy to answer if you read through the course material.



The study materials for the HR Management course (short course) were very detailed yet easy to read and understand. The online learning was flexible which allowed me to combine my work with my studies; I learned and submitted assignments at my own pace. The user and study guide provided all the procedures for using the system, completing and submitting assignments.Aside all this, my assignments upon submission were prompting marked and my certificate was readily made available to me without delay.


The guide was simple and easy to use. I like the fact that the short courses are free as not all of us can afford to study especially if the exchange rate in your country of residence is ridiculous. The feedback was prompt and I did not have to wait for my certificate of completion. I can only hope that the short courses, in future, will not be restricted to one per student. All in all, I was extremely happy with the progress and the outcome and will definitely resume studying with BOLC where I can.


easy access and the complete material to study. although is a short course, the materials given are plenty and I able to learn a lot.



The course curriculum or design is very well organized. I learned a lot of new HR strategies by this course which could be beneficial for both career and self-development.Hope, it can help lot more HR practitioners (to be successful in the industry)

#Shafkat Ahmed Khan


The simplicity of the content, the presentation of the point and detailed explanation on each part of the course made it very interesting and encourages one to want to study other courses offered by the college.



I appreciate your notes on the human resource they are detailed



this short course on HRM is very much helping those who are in the field, and those who are new to HRM. The materials for the course are easy to catch and they contain concise yet informative contents, that can pave the way for further learning about HR management. the language of the material is so easy, that you don't need to return back to other resources much. and the course is designed in a way that you will get motivated to study in the closest chance you will have. I recommend it to everyone who wishes to step in the area of HRM.


This course has helped me know about how human resource department operates. I liked the course notes, written in easy language, at the same time the notes were comprehensive. The certificate arrived on time.