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Fashion Design Course (Short Course)

Course Overview

Fashion Designing Online Courses Free.

While millions dream of making it as a fashion designer, only a select few realise their dreams. What makes the difference? More often than not, having the required combination of creativity, vision, practical skills, industry knowledge and total dedication. Fashion design is less a profession and more a lifestyle you must be willing and able to live every day. If you tick all the right boxes, the right qualification could be all that stands between you and the career of your dreams. 

Brentwood Open Learning College is proud to offer this outstanding free fashion design  course - ideal for anyone with an interest in fashion design. Whether looking to break into the industry or simply take your hobby to the next level, our exclusive programs is bursting with invaluable insights. Course content focuses primarily on the principles of design, along with providing candidates with an introduction to the modern fashion design industry. The course has been crafted in conjunction with industry-leaders and respected academics, yet incredibly is available right now 100% free of charge!

We’re firm believers in the importance of accessible, affordable and enjoyable distance learning. Every course from BOLC comes with all necessary course materials included as standard, with no time restrictions or deadlines imposed. So no matter how busy your lifestyle may be, you’ll always find room for one of our fashion design courses online free.

Enrolment is open throughout the year, so why not make today the day you take that first step toward the career you know you deserve?

Course Syllabus

This free fashion design course covers the following topics:

Topic 1 - Introduction to Fashion Design

Topic 2 - Elements of Design

Topic 3 - Principles of Design


On course completion you will be awarded with our FREE BOLC course completion letter issued by the College. This letter will be sent to you in your email. 

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Course Level
Entry Level

Awarding Body

Study Method
Online Learning

Course Duration
20 Hours Approx.

Entry Requirements
There are no particular entry requirements

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Customer Reviews

Total Reviews: (11)


It was extremely informative!!For a self made fashion designer I have now learnt to the intricacies of the garments I creat!How rhythm,unity balance are important!! As an artist- I am taking more time to look at how I dress my self- is there proportion in my outfit and what do I want to emphasise!??I now have an appreciation of celebrities on the red carpet and why there are fashion hits and misses! It boil down to the principles of fashion design!!!I am now looking to pursue a career as a Fashion Stylist! I enjoyed learning about the Trickle Up and the Trickle down theories and this will help me in my new creations and how a target market is always important! Thank you Brent Wood!



The course was so professional and helpful. It helped me to start my professional career in fashion design and open the doors for many ideas about understanding fashion design.



This course explains the well-detailed explanation of various important topics, like the elements and principles of designing and amongst others. This course helped me to understand how to make it into the fashion industry.



Hi everyone. The course was really easy for me because I am an Italian Woman. I really suggest everyone start on this way I mean in an online course. Thanks for everything.



This was my first online course ever in my life. I left the education almost 12 years before. Now again I am motivated to learn again.



I liked the study materials provided and the idea of the assignment is very beneficial for the learners. Also, the student-tutor interaction process is quite quick and easy.



The course was quite well structured and the resources and study material were equally well structured for free material. I appreciated the fact that there were no limitations as to the period of submissions of assessments.


It's very informative skill-building course. I enjoyed & learned a lot. Thank you Brentwood open learning college.



I love everything about the course. it is very simple to understand. It widened my horizon in the fashion industry in which it will be very applicable in my fashion business.



Loved all the new things I have learned.Loved that extra materials were supplied which really helped.Would love to learn more from BOLC.



All information they give us in the shape of chapters is very useful. I personally learnt a lot through the course.