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Nutrition is basically the study of different nutrients of food. In nutrition we focus on how body is using different nutrients and how is it responding to these nutrients? It also includes the bonding of nutrition, diet, health and diseases, while diet has two major aspects within food sciences. First aspect refers to  the consumption of food by a person. The second aspect is about modification of someone's standard diet in order to control their body weight.

Nutrition has important role in the whole process of life. Nutrition becomes an essential part of human life even before the birth stage and plays a continuous role after the birth and growth of human being till their death. Actually, Nutrition is the base of any bio-chemical activity or life.

The food we eat has a great  impact on our health, with improper or unhealthy diet we may encounter with different kinds of diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, Cancer, weigh loss or weight gain problems, Anaemia, fatigues, sleepiness and depression etc. Unhealthy diet develops risk for various diseases.  Whereas healthy food can help protect our body against these diseases.

There are several organisations that are educating people on healthy food and life style. British nutrition foundation is an excellent source for accurate nutrition information, they provide information about good nutrition and life style choices that are important for maintaining healthy life style. The food standard Agency provides information about food safety and labelling, they also provide information on food hygiene standards of a restaurant, take away and food shop. BBC Health provides information on everything on special diets to sports nutrition to the men and women's health. With more knowledge people are now more conscious about their health. Taking this in view the future of healthcare industry will be on the boom. Diet and nutrition professionals are in high demand around the globe. Some of the major careers in diet and nutrition are as follow: nutritionists, dieticians,  food scientists, food service managers, sports nutritionist etc.  

Nutrition courses,with Brentwood Open Learning college offer you perfect opportunity to study accredited courses through flexible home study. Even if you do not have any back ground knowledge in nutrition, our nutrition courses, can be an ideal choice for you. These are full of information and start with the very basics like introduction to nutrition, and cover wide range of topics like Digestion and Detoxification, Nutrition Requirement for Different age groups , designing diet plans for weight loss and weight management, anti aging formulas and advising people on their nutritional needs.

Nutrition Courses Online

Our Online nutrition courses, do not require attendance. You can plan your studies according to your own schedule. Course materials are specially written in easy to understand language. Personal tutor will be assigned on enrolment who will guide and assist you throughout the course. Our nutrition courses, are fully accredited from external awarding bodies on course completion you will get an accredited certificate from the awarding body of your course. There are no specific dates for enrolling onto our online nutrition courses,  the enrolments are continuous , you can enrol any time. For more on our Online Nutrition courses see below.

BOLC Diploma in diet and nutrition covers topics likeintroduction to nutrition, basics of nutrition, processes involved in nutrition, eating disorders, balanced diet, healthy eating principles, women’s health, weight control and weight loss management. The course provides sound knowledge for  preparing healthy diet plans

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