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How to become HR Professional

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How to Become HR Manager?

Below we will share information of How to become HR Manager? while studying from home. Do you have a genuine passion for people? Would you like to dedicate your career to helping others reach their full potential? Are you a natural ‘people person’ with excellent communication skills and a hard-working attitude? If so, you could be the perfect candidate for a rewarding career in HR!

What do HR Professionals Do?

While there are various different roles in HR, the ultimate goal is always the same. The HR team handles every key duty involved in the recruitment, training, deployment and ongoing development of employees at all levels. As such, HR professionals play a role in not only driving the business itself, but helping members of the workforce reach their full potential.

Daily duties in a HR position vary significantly, though typical responsibilities may include:

  • Advertising job vacancies and headhunting
  • Considering application forms and carrying out interviews
  • Producing employee job descriptions and contracts
  • Organising essential training and coaching for team members
  • Reviewing and modifying current working practices and standards
  • Identifying candidates for promotion and advancement
  • Carrying our performance reviews and periodic evaluations
  • Helping with disciplinary matters and dismissals

Am I Right For the Job?

Every aspect of HR at a professional level involves dealing with people, their careers, their issues and their future outlook. As such, outstanding people skills are essential, as are honed communication skills and plenty of self-confidence. You also need to be the type of person who’s approachable and trustworthy, along with being able to see the potential in every individual you work with.

Addition key skills and character traits to succeed in HR include:

  • Plenty of patience, empathy and integrity
  • The ability to approach any matter with objectivity and neutrality 
  • A friendly, open and approachable character 
  • Outstanding organisation and time-management skills
  • Experience in diffusing tense and challenging situations 
  • The ability to work under extreme pressure
  • Strong administrative skills and business acumen 
  • The genuine desire to being out the best in everyone 

Ongoing Progression

Most newcomers to HR start out in assistant or junior roles, which attach salaries in the region of £20,000. Further up the ladder, HR advisors can earn in excess of £30,000, while an experienced HR manager can earn more than £40,000 annually.

Professional Lifestyle

The vast majority of HR professionals work standard office hours, though evening and weekend hours may also be necessary, in accordance with times of operation. Those who work in HR can expect a challenging, dynamic and highly-unpredictable professional lifestyle, though one that promises plenty of rewards in return.

“There’s nothing that makes me happier than watching a candidate I originally recruited climb the ladder to a much higher position. For me, this is what my job is all about – picking prime candidates, giving them all they need to flourish and watching them succeed. And of course, their success is the company’s success, so we all come out winners!” – Jackie McAllister, HR Manager 

Taking the Next Step

While it’s not officially necessary to study HR formally to work in the field, those with high-level qualifications often climb the career ladder much faster. Likewise, if you are new to PR and would like to secure your first professional position, a recognised qualification could make all the difference.

HR Qualifications

Brentwood Open Learning College is proud to offer an extensive collection of premium fully endorsed HR Qualifications through home study at a variety of levels. Whether in pursuit of promotion or considering a change in career direction, a targeted home study course could help you realise your full potential.

Diploma in Human Resource Management (Level 4)

Our highest-level HR Management Diploma will help breathe life into your long-term career dreams. Climb the career ladder with a recognised qualification.

Certificate in Human Resources Management (Level 3)

For existing members of the workforce in pursuit of promotion and jobseekers alike, our intermediate HR Certificated is packed with incredible industry insights.

Certificate in Human Resource Management (level 2)

Candidates in pursuit of entry-level HR positions or simply looking to improve their current skills and talents will find this Level 2 Certificate of immense value.

Human Resources Management Course (Level 1)

Our foundation HR Course has been designed to lay the best possible groundwork for future study at a much higher level.

For more information about our HR Management certificate/diploma courses and Free Courses, get in touch with the Brentwood Open Learning College admissions team today.