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Supply Chain and Logistics

Supply Chain and logistic are the vital areas for a firm's competitive strategy and revenue generation. This management area is usually discussed by various names including; transport management, logistics, warehousing, purchasing, material handling, packaging, order processing, inventory , customer service standards and production. Supply Chain Managemnet Courses online, help you learn all these supply chain and logistics activities in a comprehensive way. 

Supply Chain Management Courses Online

The focus in our supply chain management courses online,  is on the planning, organizing, and controlling of these activities; that are indeed the key elements of the successful management in any organisation. The ultimate aim of management in this section is setting the logistic activities in such a way so as to make products and services available to customers at the time and place required , in the desired condition and in the most cost effect and efficient manner.

Logistics Courses Online

The courses in this section aim to present ideas, principles and techniques that are fundamental to good business logistics practice. Logistics Courses Online,  concentrate on important activities of management such as planning, organizing, and controlling, and also focus on the co-related activities of transportation, inventory, and location strategies, which are the core of good logistics planning and decision making.

Logistics Certification Programs Online

Logistics Certification programs Online,  discuss supply chain management in the world wide setting that take into account the growing globalisation of businesses in general. We also discuss how logistics concepts are applied to both service oriented and product oriented businesses. Integrated management of supply chain activates are also amongst the important areas that have been focused on. 

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