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Public Relations

What is Public Relations?

Public relations is the art of communication used by organisations for sending their message across. Public relations is one of the important tools that organisations use in order to protect or enhance their reputation in the public eye. Effective Public Relations helps to build up the image of an individual, group or organisation. In unfavourable circumstances when an organisation is under crisis it is this tool that can help to remove misunderstanding and can create mutual understanding between the organisation and its publics. Hence the importance of Public relations it today's complex world cannot be ignored.

Today business world faces a fierce competition. You compete not only with your local businesses but your competitors can be from around the world. Firms have to distinguish themselves so that they can attract new customers and at the same time could retain old ones. They also need to create and maintain a positive public image as well. A Pr professional helps firms to maintain their good reputation amongst the media and customers by communicating to them on the firm's behalf and by introducing their products and services in the best possible way. Once the positive image is created it helps not only in developing customer relations but it also helps to increase overall sales.

PR professionals make use of various tools and techniques to enhance their clients' image that helps to boost the relationship with the target audience. The tools used for this purpose are news releases , statements, participations in conventions, awards and public events etc. Other useful tools include; blogs and social media networks. Using these tools and techniques PR professionals  give public a relevant information about their clients' activities, products or services that in turn enhances their reputation.

Who Can Work as a PR Professional?

A PR professional must have an updated knowledge about the recent issues and trends so that he/she could generate a mind-blowing campaign ideas. A PR professional must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills as well. Because they deal with different kinds of people , need to present their ideas to their clients, they have to deal with journalists or with common people who are really important for their organization.  A PR professional should be excellent in writing as well, they need to  produce press releases, articles, newsletters and annual reports for an organization. Useful information about these activities can be explored at PRCA and CIPR

Online PR Courses

Today PR Profession is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people across the world. PR professionals work for private or public organisations, businesses, government agencies, professional and trade associations, not for profit organisations, schools , universities, professional associations, retail stores, sports teams, family-owned businesses, law firms and medical practices, the entertainment industry, hotels and many large and small organisations. Job titles however do not always contain the names of public relations or PR in their names. Many PR jobs can be titled as external affairs, media relations, public affairs, community relations,  corporate communications, internal communications, business-to-business relations, consumer relations, or investor relations. Hundreds of PR jobs are available on different job sites today.

Online PR Courses, give you essential knowledge and skills for a successful career in public relations. Starting from basics of PR concepts the course content on Online PR Courses, explores areas like; elements and scope of public relations, the role of public relations in today's world, the public relations process, the management and Organisation of Public Relations,  Public Relations Tools & Methods, Production of Public Relations Material, Corporate Public Relations, Media Relations, Issues Management and Public Affairs, Crisis Management and Public Relations and Ethics and Professionalism in Public Relations. 

BOLC PR online courses have been  designed to help student build a wide range of communication skills including social media and media relations. The courses help you develop vital understanding of the media industries, working of media industries and the audiences. These courses explore wide range of PR core concepts and activities in a comprehensive manner. 

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