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Management Courses

Online Management Courses

Want to lead and manage your employees effectively? Our online management courses help you gain understanding of the key management principles and practices.

The key topics on our online management courses UK include; operations management, HR management ' strategic decision making, strategic planning process, strategy implementation, change management, time management, project management and many more. Enhance your professional writing techniques, improve your presentation and communication skills with our management courses. Our online management courses are the first choice for professionals working in leadership and management roles. Browse the list of management courses now to get started.

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Construction Management

Courses in Construction Management

Online Construction Management Courses,Construction management is about overall planning , controlling and coordination...

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Project Management

Courses in Project Management

Online Project Management Courses. What is Project Management? Project Management is defined by PMI as...

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Supply Chain and Logistics

Courses in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain and logistic are the vital areas for a firm's competitive strategy and revenue generation. This...

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Human Resource Management

Courses in HRM

HRM is principally the administrative function of an organization, and is used to organize the employees according...

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Travel and Tourism

Courses in Travel and Tourism

Tourism is usually described as one of the world's biggest industries. Tourism is the industry in which governments,...

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Hotel Management

Courses in Hospitality Management

Hotel Management Courses Online, with BOLC cover all the aspects of hotel management from food and beverage to...

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Courses in Management

We offer a wide range of Online Certificate Courses in management, within various sectors of the industries....

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Courses in Marketing

Improve your job prospects with our online marketing courses. Brentwood Open Learning College is a leading Distance...

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Event Management

Courses in Event Managements

Events Management Courses Online, at BOLC give you a detailed perspective of the events industry. Event Management...

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Health and Safety

Courses in Health and Safety

Health and Safety. Health and Safety Act 1974 requires all the employers to provide safety training to their...

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Environmental Management

Courses in Environmental Management

What is environmental management? Environmental management is a methodology where we look for the practical...

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Public Relations

Courses in Public Relations

What is Public Relations? Public relations is the art of communication used by organisations for sending...

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