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Wedding Planning

Weddings are an integral part of human life and are always fascinating and attractive for people. People start planning and dreaming about their weddings even before they know who would be their partner. Traditionally someone from the family or friends took responsibility of organising the wedding. Most often bride's mother was a wedding planner. Now with the changing trends people prefer to hire professional wedding planners to plan their weddings. This helps to save their time and money as well makes them free from all the stress and they can enjoy their special day.

Wedding planner is skilled person who assists couples with the design, planning and management of the whole event. A professional wedding planner is someone who knows how to satisfy his/her clients. He seeks and coordinates each and every detail of wedding event from start to finish like a project manager. A professional wedding planner first of all identifies needs of his /her client and then plans the wedding according to their deeds. Once the needs are identified he estimates about budget and communicates these details with the client. A wedding planner is a creative individual who always visualizes new ideas and styles for the wedding ceremonies. Wedding planner must be careful about the venue selection and should keep a planning details checklist. A professional wedding planner must have the contacts of professionals like caterers, photographers, beauticians, florists etc.

Wedding industry is constantly flourishing. Most of the wedding planners establish their own wedding planning business. Wedding planning business is spreading worldwide and creating fascinating career opportunities throughout the world. Being a wedding planner doesn’t mean that you just have to supervise the wedding activities, in wedding planning you can play your role as finance manager, consultant, coordinator, facilitator or catering specialist, transportation supervisor, technical supervisor or a florist etc. With all these duties you must have an idea how to assist the couples with emotional and mental support to make them stress free. Wedding planning industry presents enormous career opportunities and anyone who is skilled and well qualified can earn a handsome amount in this field.

BOLC Wedding planning courses come with to one tutor support, easy to understand learning materials and flexible study schedules. The courses cover  the working procedures of the industry, different types of wedding ceremonies, preparation of budget, role and responsibilities of a wedding planner, selection of venues and managing resources available for wedding planning, arrangements of food, wedding attires, photography, floral decoration, music, transport, lighting and other technical aspects. . Once you have proper qualification at hand you can choose whether you want to be a wedding specialist, wedding planner, bridal advisor, or an event planner. Online wedding planner courses, introduce you to the concept and ideas for planning memorable weddings. You will learn the fundamentals of what is wedding planning and what would be expected of you as a wedding planner.

Wedding Planner Courses Online

Wedding planning is a fast growing profession. As a wedding planner you will be the finance manager, advisor, mediator, organiser, facilitator and an artist. You will provide the couple with emotional, mental, and physical support hence will help to plan the day that is perhaps the most important day in their lives. Wedding planners need to work with extreme care as the couples expect wedding planners to fulfil all of their needs so that nothing is missed out on their very special day.

On our Online Wedding Planner Courses, you will learn  about the wedding industry, the role of a Wedding Planner, the different types of wedding ceremonies available, creating a simple wedding budget, Sourcing and managing suppliers and wedding venues,  Using wedding documentation to enhance planning. Wedding planner may choose any of the following roles as a career; Wedding director,  Wedding consultant , Bridal consultant, Event planner, Wedding planner. Among the career benefits a wedding planner enjoys ; Personal fulfilment,  good Income , employment flexibility,  and freedom.  

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