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Risk Management

Risk is seen as the impact of uncertainity on objectives. Risk can be negative (downside risk) or positive (upside risk, opportunity). ISO 31000, defines risk as the “effect of uncertainty on objectives” .

Risk Management Courses Online

 Risk management is an activity that combines the procedures of risk identification, risk assessment, developing strategies to manage risks, and mitigating risks using managerial resources. Traditional risk management is focused on the risks arising from legal or physical causes i.e fires accidents, deaths, or natural disasters.

In Financial risk management on the other hand traded financial instruments are used in order to handle risks. The objectives of risk management in any circumstances is however to control risks and to minimise their impact. Risks may refer to numerous types of threats caused by environments, organisations, politics, humans, technology etc.

Risk management should be an essential element of any organisation's strategic objectives. Risk management is the process where organisation methodically address the risks associated with their business activities.

Effective risk management is fully focused on identification and treatment of these risks. The main objective of risk management is to add maximum sustainable value to the business activities. It increases the probability of success and decreases the uncertainty and likelihood of failure and ultimately helps towards achieving an organisation's overall objectives. Risk Management Online Courses, provides you a fully focused study about risk management.

Risk management should be a continuous and developing process which runs throughout the organisation’s strategy and the implementation of that strategy. It should address methodically all the risks surrounding the organisation’s activities past, present and in particular, future.

Investors in Risk Management (IIRM) a leading global risk accrediatation proder has developed a risk management maturity assessment model that assists businesses in managing their risk. A free copy of risk mangement maturiy model is available for BOLC students.

Risk management should be a continuous process in any organisation. It should be embedded into the organisations' culture and should translate organisation's strategy into its operational objectives. Personnel should be responsible for their own roles on this process and this should be the part of their job descriptions. It promotes performance management, accountability, reward and also the operational efficiency at all levels of the organisation.

Risk Management Courses Online, provide you with basic awareness to risk management concepts and mechanisms and enable you to assess and manage risk in your own units. Certificate in Risk Management ( risk management course online), starts with the basics ; introduces definition of risk and the purpose of risk management. It also discusses steps for the effective risk management. Diploma in Risk Management, is an advanced level course that gives you comprehensive information about risk management and gives you all the essential knowledge for developing risk management strategies and procedures for your own business.  

Risk Management Online Courses, help you to understand how risk management affects decision making, how to conduct risk analysis, how risks and uncertainties can be identified for achieving objectives and expected results and how uncertainties are prioritised. Risk management courses online, provide a flexible approach to gain essential knowledge for risk management concepts and procedures. 

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