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Interior Design

Interior design and decoration go hand in hand- the terms are used interchangeably. Turn your talent and imagination into a career as a professional interior designer and create functional and aesthetic  environments for work and play. These programmes prepare you to work in this exciting field. Interior Design Courses Online , provide students with a comprehensive interior design knowledge that is professional, affordable, and available to working individuals. Gain basic interior design knowledge about design principles, design elements, develop communication and presentation skills.

Interior Design Courses Online

The keys to success in interior design profession are innovation, flexibility, and knowledge of the specialist skills. With these in hand you will become familiar with the principles and practices of interior design. You will also explore historical and cultural origin a of design and will develop an understanding of the link between indoor and outdoor spaces. Interior Design Courses Online, emphasis on creativity, the assignment projects focus on the use of choosing appropriate colour schemes, lighting, design schemes .

Interior design courses at BOLC help students to develop creative skills as well as they get to know about the materials used in designing, and design processes in detail. Students develop skills for creating design schemes in relation to broad themes such as concept, functionality and environmental impacts.

Each course explores how space, colour, textiles, and furniture work together and contribute to the overall design scheme. Design principles and elements are discussed thoroughly and students get the perfect blend of know-how and stimulation to develop design and other related skills for their successful career in interior design

The aim is to design interior spaces new or existing ones taking into consideration their function, use, material , space and form. The courses also investigate the key objects of design; function, cost- effectiveness, flexibility, design, durability, compatibility and maintainability. The courses help students to develop creativity and independent thinking. The output is that students who successfully complete these courses get to know design industry as a whole as well as they are able to define their own place in it. Primary aim is to prepare you to practice in the profession as a part of a professional team or  as a business owner. There are many important organizations that are working in this field like; ASID, IDEC,  IIDA, BIID Getting involved with a professional organisation helps to build up network and valuable connections for a successful a career in the industry. This way you can also keep your knowledge updated about the latest trends. 

Interior Design Programs Online

On Interior Design Programs Online, you gain knowledge to plan and execute creative design schemes and will solve spatial problems tailored for residential clients needs. You will also gain extensive knowledge of material applications and their costs. Interior Design Programs Online, Teach you how to present  interior design solutions for a range of applications, taking into account aesthetics, function, materiality, furniture, fixtures, fittings, and construction of interior projects in a range of environments.

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