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Islamic Banking

Having seen a recent rise in the demand of Islamic Financial products and services many countries have paid particular attention to this sector resulting an international expansion of the sector. Islamic banking has expanded in recent years and has emerged as the fastest growing sector in the international banking and capital markets. With over 200 Islamic banks operating in about 70 countries across the world, the job potential in this market is huge and remarkable. Islamic investment houses, cooperative credit societies,  leasing companies, mutual houses and commodity trading companies need trained staff in this sector. 

Islamic Banking Courses

Islamic banking courses, give you comprehensive understanding of the Islamic economic system explaining how principles and practices used in Islamic banking are different from those practiced in conventional banking and insurance. The courses have been specially designed to give students knowledge and skills for successful practice in this field. Important topics include; The Islamic Banking Model, The Islamic Economic System, Islamic finance products and procedures, Islamic Law of contract & Business Transactions, Murabaha, Musawamah, Salam and Istisna‘a’, Ijarah – Leasing, Takaful, Loan & Debt in Islamic Banking, Islamic Business Ethics

Islamic Banking Courses, provide a unique perspective on banking and finance, combining conventional and Islamic working procedures. and by enabling you to compare, contrast each of these banking systems and hence learn the best of both.

The courses covers essentials such as the differences between Islamic and conventional banks, as well as how bank accounts work under Sharia principles. the syllabus also comprehensively explores the key activities of Islamic banks and trends in Islamic portfolio management.

Study Islamic Finance

Study Islamic Finance,  and build strong foundation in the principles and practice of Islamic banking and finance, new found skills and analytical tools  give you a sound basis for financial decision making processes.

Our Islamic Banking and Finance Courses,prepare you for this  increasingly crucial area and equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out essential Islamic financial operations.

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